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Maitham al-Tammar - Part 2

Amru bin Huraith

Amru bin Huraith was a leader from Kufa. Maitham said to him: "I'll be your neighbour. Treat me kindly."

Amru said: "Do you want to buy bin Masoud's house or bin al-Hakim's"?

Maitham kept silent. Amru bin Huraith was puzzled. He wondered: What does Maitham mean?

Days and years passed. Unjust rulers succeeded each other over Kufa. They treated people rudely.

The Market

Zyyad bin Abeeh became a ruler over Kufa. He began killing Imam Ali's companions. He carried out Mu'awiyah's orders. Mu'awiyah was full of spite. He ordered people to abuse Imam Ali (A.S.).

The ruler appointed a man to look after the market. The man was unjust. The people complained of his bad treatment. The people were afraid of the man. Thus, they went to Maitham. They asked Maitham to go with them to the Prince. They said to him: "Maitham, come with us to the prince."

Maitham went with them. He met the Prince and told him about the rude treatment in the market. A policeman in the Palace was displeased with Maitham's words. He said to the Prince:

"Your Highness, the Prince, do you know this man?"

The Prince said: "No"

He's a liar! The supporter of the liar! said the policeman.

The policeman meant that Maitham was one of Imam Ali's companion.

Maitham said: "Surely, I'm truthful! I'm supporter of the truthful man. Really, he's Amirul-Momineen! (The Commander of the faithful)."

A Meeting on the Road

Habeeb bin Muzahir was a good companion. After our master Mohammed's demise, Habeeb had a close relationship with Imam Ali (A.S.).

One day, Maitham was riding a horse. Habeeb bin Muzahir was riding a horse, too. They met each other before bani-Asad. They had a short talk. Bani-Asad listened to their talk. Habeeb said with a smile:

"I predict that a bald man with a big belly will sell melons at Dar al-Rizk. The man will be killed for the love of his Prophet's family."

Maitham said: "I know that a red man with two plaits would appear. The man will support the son of the daughter of his Prophet. The man will be beheaded. His head will be carried through the streets of Kufa."

The two friends saw off each other. Bani Asad said: "They are liars."

In the meantime, Rasheed al-Hajry passed by bani-Asad. He asked them about Habeeb and Maitham. Bani-Asad said: "They have just gone away."

Then bani Asad told Rasheed about Habeeb and Maitham's predictions.

Rasheed said with a smile: "May Allah have mercy on Maitham. He's forgotten who brings the head will be given an extra hundred dirhams."

Rasheed went away. Bani Asad were astonished at his words. Then they said: "Rasheed is a liar too."

Days passed. In Muharram, 61 A.H., bani Asad saw Habeeb's head. It was tied to a long spear. They saw bin Zyyad's policeman carrying the head and walking through the streets of Kufa.

The Caravan

Mu'awiyah bin Abu-Sufyan died. His son Yazeed succeeded him. Yazeed was a young man aged thirty. He drank alcohol. He amused himself with dogs and the monkeys.

So, Imam Hussein (A.S.) refused to pay Yazeed homage. Meanwhile, the Kufians were tired of Mu'awiyah's persecution. Thus, they sent Imam Hussein (A.S.) many letters. In their letters, they asked the Imam to come to save them from Umayyad persecution.

The spies told Yazeed about the situation in Kufa. Yazeed had a spiteful Christian doctor called Sergon. He asked the advice of the doctor. Sergon advised him to appoint Ubaidullah bin Zyyad a ruler over Kufa.

The Prison

Many companions of Imam Ali (A.S.) supported Imam Hussein (A.S.). Many Muslims supported him too.

Ubaidullah bin Zyyad arrived in Kufa. He began arresting and imprisoning Imam Hussein's supporters.

Maitham, al-Mukhtar al-Thaqafy, and Abdullah bin al-Harith were in the same prison.

Imam Hussein (A.S.) died a martyr for Islam. The prisoners felt pain for him.

Al-Mukhtar said to his two friends: "Be ready to meet Allah! After Imam Hussein's killing, Ubaidullah bin Zyyad will kill the Imam's supporters."

Abdullah bin al-Harith said: "Yes, he will kill us sooner or later."

Maitham said: "No, he won't kill you. My dear Imam Ali (A.S.) has told me that you (al-Mukhtar) will get revenge of Imam Hussein's killers. And you will kick Ubaidullah's head with your foot."

Then Maitham said to Abdullah bin al-Harith: "You'll rule Basra."

Adapted from the book: "The Companions of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w)"

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