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Mahdaviyat and Traditionalists

Adopted from the book: "Mahdaviyat in Hadith"

1) Ahmed Ibn Hanbal in his 'Musnad' and Tirmizi, Abu Dawood and Ibn Maajah in their 'Sehah' record one tradition verbation as.......Translation. "Even if a single day will remain in the tenure of this world, then Allah will raise a man from my progeny who fill this earth with justice as it will be replete with injustice and oppression". (Is aafur-Raghebin, Nurul-Absar--134, Al-Bayan fi Akhbare - Sahibuz - zaman - 85).

2. Similarly, another oft-repeated tradition has been quoted profusely, the contents of which are. "In the last days a man will appear from my progeny, whose name will be same as as mine and his epithet will be similar to mine. He will fill this earth with equity and justice as it will be fraught with injustice and oppression". (Tazkertul-Khaowas, Sibt Ibn Jauzi-204)

3) Abu Saeed Khudri says that : 'I heard Prophet of Allah saying that : "After me there will be twelve Imams, among them ninth after Hussain will be "Mahdi." (Nurul-Absar-Shablanji page 255).

4) Holy Prophet (s) said : "Mahdi is from my progeny from the offspring of H.Fatema Zahra (S.A.) " (Sunan Abi Dawood-Kitabul-Mahdi, Vol-4-page. 151)

5) Holy Prophet (s) said : "Whosoever denies the uprising of Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.) had denied each and everything revealed upon me and as a result becomes infidel". (Faraedus-Simtain-Hamuiy).

The aforementioned traditions are authentic and explicitly regarding Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.) who will rise in the last days, who is from the progeny of Imam Hussain (a.s.) and H.Fatema (s.a.). Particularly, the last traditions shows the importance of this belief viz. 'the disbelievers in this (H.Mahdi) is like disbeliever in Quran and is an infidel. Although, this much is sufficient for.........i.e. men of understanding, but we for the sake of utmost satisfaction delve into the view points of Scholars.

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