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Mahdaviyat and the Interpreters of Quran

Adopted from the book: "Mahdaviyat in Hadith"

have mentioned countless ayats regarding Hazrat Mahdi (A.S.) from Quran. And moreover many books have been complied by the name of "MAHDI IN QURAN". But over here we will confine our discussion to those ayats which, interpreters have related it to Hazrat Mahdi (A.S.) by some source or reference.

1) Imam Abu Ishaq Thalabi who is a renown exponent of Quran writes in his exegeses in "The ayat of Quran.........Means.

indicates means the war between Quraish and Almawali in which Quraish will emerge victorious.........relates to......which means the Rulers of Bai Abbas and ....... is letter to Hazrat Mahdi which means! .......chapter...7 related from Naeem Ibne Hammad)

2) Imam Abu Ishaq Thalabi writes in the ... of 9th ayat of Surah-kahf which is particular to Ashabe Kahf that Holy Prophet (as) said that : Mahdi (a.s.) will say Salam to Ashabe-Kahf and Ashabe-Kahf will reply to it and by the order of God will again revert to their condition, and will not rise before Quiyamat (2-Iqdud-Dorar-chapter 7).

3) Muqatil Ibn Sulaiman and his followers regarding the ayat......opined that it is concerning the re-appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.).....Over here refers to.....(i.e. the hour of re-appearance) of H. Mahdi (a.s.)

4) The author of Nurul-Absaar, Shablanji writes in his book on page no. 188. In the book so tafsir the details of ayat ....... (Surah Zukhruf Ayat) is mentioned as it is pertaining to H. Mahdi (a.s.) who is in the offspring of Janabe-Fatema (a.s.). Reference : As-Sawaaequl Mohreqapage. 96, Is aafur-Raghebin page. 156, Surah Zukhruf ayat-61).

5) Allama Shahabuddin who is popularly known as Malakul-Ulama Shamsuddin Ibn Umar Al-Hindi, who had compiled a tafsir by the name of 'Al-Bahrul Mawaj' writes in his tafsir on the authority of Jabir Ibn Abdullah Ansari, he quotes a tradition that : Jabir went to meet Janabe-Zahra (a.s.). He saw she is having tablets over which names of Imams were inscribed. who were from the progeny on H.Fatema (a.s.).........Then name of Zainul-Abedin who is the son of Hussain, who is father of nine Imams, then next Imam Mohammad Baqir (a.s.) and upto the ninth Imam Mohammad (after Hussain) who is Al-Hujjatullah Al-Qaem Imam Mahdi (a.s.) He will disappear, will have long life. Like among believers, Hazrat Isa, Hazrat Ilyas and H.Khizr were having longlife and among disbelievers. 'Dajjal' and Saamri' were having long-lives.

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