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Mahdaviyat and Scholars

Adopted from the book: "Mahdaviyat in Hadith"

1) Sayed Ahmed Zaini Dahlan, the Mufti of Makka Opines on the traditions pertaining to 'Mahdi' (a.s.) that : "Such traditions are Mutawatir' (too profusely repeated), among them some are 'Sahih' (Correct), some are 'Hasan. (approved Good) and some are 'Zaif (weak)".

It is crystal clear from the statement of Mufti of Makka, that though some traditions are "weak" but still they are Mutawatir (i.e. profusely quoted). And it is well-known to the learned-men, especially those who are expert in).....Ilme - Rejaal ' (study of narrators of traditions) that if any traditions attains the merit of "Tawatur' (continuously & profusely repeated) then some weak traditions cannot effect its authenticity and we have pointed towards this fact in our various editions sufficiently.

2- In Al-Lumaat, Shaikh Abdul Haq wrote: "The traditions regarding the existence of Hazrat .Mahdi are abundant, from which is is clear that Mahdi (a.s.) will be from the progeny of Fatema Zahra (s.a.) (Footnote of Sahih Tirmizi vol. 2 page 46.)

3- Allama and Faqihatul-Harmain, Abu Abdullah Mohammad Yusuf Al-Quraishi, Al-Ganji-Shafei has devoted one entire chapter to this subject, which is fifteenth chapter of his book, the subject is "The proof for life, existence, seclusion and remaining alive of Mahdi uptil now" and in this chapter he has propounded some in controvertible proofs in support of his claim. (Al-Bayan - fi Akhbare - Sahibuzzaman - page, 102)

4- Aalimul - Allama - Shamsuddin Yusuf Al-Hanafi - Sibt ibn Jauzi ..... that Mahdi (a.s.) is Mohammad bin Hasan ..... bin Abi Talib (a.s.), his epithet is Abu abdullah, Abul - Qasim, he is Khalaful Hujjat, Sahebuzzaman, Qaem-al-Muntazar and last Imam (a.s.)

5- Qazi Behlul Behjat writer. "The birth of Imam Mahdi (a.s.) occurred on 15th Shabaan 255 A.H., his mother was Narjis Khatun, his father expired, when he was only 5 years old". He continues..... 'he had two occultations firstly Ghaibate-Sughra (Minor Occultation) and he will remain alive until Allah permits him to re-appear and fill with tyranny and oppression." (Tarikhe-Aale Mohammad-page, 270.).

6- Shahabuddin Ibn Hajar Al-Hanafi states that "Mahdi's age at the time of his father's demise was 5 years. He was bestowed with wisdom and erudition. He is known by the name of Al-Qaem - Al-Muntazar." (As-Sawaequl-Mohreqa page, 124)

Apart from these scholars many other jurists have also given their verdicts in favour of existence of Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.), some of them are as below :-

1) Abu Suroor Ahmed bin Ziyaa Al - Hanfi

2) Mohammad bin Mohammad Al-Maleki

3) Yahya bin Mohammad bin Al-Hanbali

Let us now analyse the viewpoints of ancient and reliable historians regarding Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.) in the historical perspective. So that his existence may be proved from all the angles and viewpoints.

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