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Love for Imam Husain (A.S.)

Imam Hussein (as) was born on 3rd Sha'ban in the year 4 A.H. in Madina. He was the second child in the house of Ali (as) and Fatima (as). It is reported that the Holy Prophet (saw) was in Madina when he was given the news of the birth of a child in Fatima (as)'s house. He rushed to his daughter's house and asked Asma bint Umais to give him the child. The infant was wrapped in a piece of cloth and the face of the Holy Prophet (saw) lit up upon seeing his grandson. He recited adhaan in the right ear and iqamah in the left year of the child, and then placing the child on his lap, the prophet began to cry. Asma asked, "May my parents be your sacrifice, why are you crying?" The Holy Prophet (saw) replied, "O Asma! After me, a party of transgressors will kill him. May Allah never grant them with my intercession. O Asma! Do not tell this Fatima for she has just given birth to him". Jibrael then came and said, "O Muhammad! Allah (SWT) conveys His salaams to you and says the name of this child shall be al-Hussein".

The Holy Prophet (saw) has said:"Hussein is from me and I am from Hussein. Allah loves one who loves Hussein".

The love and affection which the Holy Prophet (saw) showed towards his grandsons, particularly al-Hussein (as) was unique and unprecedented. For instance, He (saw) sacrificed the life of his own son Ibrahim for al-Hussein (as). On day al-Hussein (as) and Ibrahim were both with the Holy Prophet (saw). Al-Hussein (as) sat on the right lap whereas Ibrahim sat on the left. The prophet (saw) playing and showing affection to both. Jibrael descended and said, "(O Muhammad

Allah says that you have choose between them and keep one of them". The prophet (saw) chose al-Hussein (as). Three days later Ibrahim fell ill and died. After this, whenever al-Hussein (as) came to the prophet (saw), he would lift him up and made him sit on his lap, saying "This is he for whom I sacrificed my own son". (Shawahidun Nubuwwah/Tarikhe Baghdad/Nuqooshe Ismat)

One day the Holy Prophet (saw) was on his way from 'Ayesha's house when he passed by his daughter Fatima(as)'s house. He (saw) heard al-Hussein (as) crying, so he entered into the house and said, "O'Fatima! Don't you know that his crying is very hurtful for me?" (Noor al-Absaar)
Another day, the Holy Prophet (saw) was passing by a Madrasah where he heard a child crying. The sound of the child resembled that of al-Hussein (as). He (saw) entered the Madrasah and pleaded with the teacher not to beat (upset) that child since his sound resembled to that of al-Hussein (as). (Chauda Sitaare)

One of the reasons why the Holy Prophet (saw) behaved in this manner with regard to al-Hussein (as) was to announce through his actions to the people that whenever time comes to distinguish between Truth and Falsehood, Good and Evil, know for certain that Truth and Goodness is always with al-Hussein (as).

Defender of Islamic Principles

Al-Hussein (as) upheld the Islamic principles and values and to preserve them, he sacrificed everything including the lives of his most dear ones and that of himself. As his followers, we must assess ourselves by asking: Do we honestly believe in the Islamic principles and values? And if we do so, then What have we done to uphold these principles and values and to ensure that they are effectively transferred to our offspring?

Al-Hussein (as) is the symbol of Truth, Goodness, Justice and Reasoning. Yazeed is the symbol of Falsehood, Evil, Injustice and Lusts. Although these two forces met against each other in Karbala but the matter did not end there. Rather, it began from there. Until the day of judgement, al-Hussein (as) will be the yardstick to distinguish between Truth and Falsehood, between Goodness and Evil.
Simply put, every individual has two sides to himself: Husseini side and Yazeedi side.Hussein side is his 'Aql (power of reasoning) and Imaan (faith). Whereas the Yazeedi side is his lusts, his Nafse Ammara for which Allah (SWT) says, "Verily man's self urges (him) to evil" (12:53)

One who sacrifices the forbidden pleasures and conquers his lusts, is Husseini and one who succumbs and surrenders himself to his lusts is Yazeedi. Therefore, we ought to assess and amend ourselves if we are Husseinis.

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