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Looking in the Mirror of Ashura

Human has always desired a better life. Of course issues such as a decent place to live, food to eat, and cloth to wear and ... are the basic needs of every human being, which must be resolved. Nevertheless, what is a better life? Some people may say that having a better financial situation leads to a better life. If that is so, then why do many people -who have more than enough money- not feel happy and satisfied? In the year 2004, one out of ten people in Switzerland died from suicide and over fifty percent of the population confessed that they had seriously considered killing themselves! How is it that a person with enough money and many hobbies feels so lonely that he does not want to live any more? The divorce rates in developed countries are rising much faster than other countries. Why can two people, who have a comfortable life and love each other, not tolerate one another? Alarming statistics like these are increasing day by day all over the world. Such information and alike indicate that having more money does not necessarily mean more happiness.

Islam says that financial needs of human beings must be met but with a sacred goal in mind. Human should be able to, with peace of mind, attend to his soul and establish a relationship with God. Human, without worrying for his daily bread, has to find the opportunity to realize that he is not and independent phenomenon rather, he is very dependent upon the Compassionate and Merciful God and God is watching every move he makes. Human must keep in mind that he shall return to God, i.e. it is vital for us to believe with all our hearts that we are moving towards eternity. Therefore, according to Islam, a better life is a more meaningful life, a life in which God is not forgotten. A better life is a life with the most realistic goal, the goal of drawing closer to God and eternity, the goal which causes, true happiness and peace of mind for humankind.

Every single one of God's Prophets came and after them their successors, they all expressed this better life for humankind and presented the path towards a better life here and hereafter. Nevertheless, every time, the money and power hungry ones disobeyed the Prophets and their successors and distorted the path towards eternal happiness. Finally the last Prophet came. Muhammad (S.A.W.) addressed the followers of previous Prophets and clearly revealed the distortions. Islam has re-invited the Jews and Christians and the followers of all holy Prophets back to the right path towards eternity. The Holy Prophet of Islam (S.A.W.) warned his own nation not to follow the foot steps of the previous nations. However, after the Holy Prophet of Islam (S.A.W.), the power hungry ones did the same thing previous ones had done and blocked the right path towards eternal happiness and bliss.

In Ashura, actually two ideas stood against one another. On the one side, there were those who believed that money and power could cause a better life. On the other side, with Imam Husain (A.S.), there were those who believed that a better life was the everlasting life, which pleased God. Ashura was the manifestation of every human desire, good and evil. On the one side, the manifestation of loving power and money appeared on the screen of history. They brutally broke every covenant, deceived, lied, justified and killed the most beloved by God to get what they wanted. The interesting point is that ironically they did not even achieve what they wanted in this world! These are all the things, which a human -who has forgotten God- is willing to do to get what he wants. Ashura was a mirror reflecting human's evil desires. On the other side, the manifestation of loving God appeared on the screen of history. They sincerely remind faithful to every covenant and patiently loved and obeyed God and the representative of God to their last breath. These are the things, which a human -who loves God with every drop of his blood-, is willing to do to please God. Ashura was a mirror reflecting human's purest desires.

In Ashura, the best of God's people were martyred. In Ashura, one of the most perfect creations of God and most beloved by God was martyred. Husain (A.S.) was the manifestation of every thing beautiful and wonderful; he was the manifestation of pity, honesty, purity, humanity, patience, obedience, kindness, courage, honor. Two fronts stood against one another, that day. Loving the world versus loving God. Loving the one and only God does not mean leaving the world behind. We can love God with all our hearts and souls and yet live a normal and happy life. We can consider this world as a ladder to help us reach eternity rather than considering it the goal itself, i.e. loving the world is wrong but living in the world under the light of God is not. Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) said:

“At top of all mistakes, is the love of the world ... .”

By looking in the mirror of Ashura, we find our hearts; we learn to love God and his values and not to love any thing against divine values. Ashura is an ocean of celestial gnosis. There is no way to express Ashura in just a few sentences. Imam Mahdi (A.S.) reviews this everlasting epic every morning and every evening and as he says himself, drops of blood fall from his eyes in place of tear drops! The only one on earth today whose heart really and truly beats for Ashura is Imam Mahdi (A.S.).

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