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Liver disease deaths 'up by 25%'

Fatal cases of liver disease are rising, according to media reports today. In under a decade there has been a 25% increase in deaths from the condition, with alcohol causing more than a third of total cases. In contrast, other major causes of death, such as heart disease and cancer, have been in decline in recent years.

These disturbing new figures have come from a report by the NHS National End of Life Care Programme, as one of a range of reports looking at the nature of death in England. The report also points out that the vast majority of liver deaths are in people under the age of 70, with liver disease now accounting for 10% of deaths among people in their 40s.

The report also found that more liver deaths occur among men than women and that alcohol-related liver disease deaths are more common in the most deprived areas of England. The report also says that over two-thirds of people with liver disease end up dying in a hospital rather than at home.

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