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Last Wll Testament; Invitation to obedience and warning against sin

Son! May Allah guide you to obey Him and protect you from sins. As a craftsman loves his crafted products, so does Allah bestows His love and affections on human beings. His rules regarding Wajib (Compulsory), Sunnat, Haram (not permissible), Makruh etc. are for the benefit of mankind. These orders are to protect him from loss and to benefit him. Allah does not gain anything by man’s obedience to Him nor does He suffer any loss by man’s sinning. He is ‘Gani’. He wants to improve means to be ungrateful to one who has bestowed His bounties on him. Not only that, it is also foolishness, because instead of bounties, he brings upon himself losses.

Son! Protect yourself from sin. It brings dishonour in this world and curse on the day of judgement. Adam had to get out of paradise, just because of one ‘Tark-e-Awla’.

Son! Never remain idle and lazy. When Shaitan and Nafse Ammara get tired of showing evil in the guise of good and good in the guise of evil, then he creates laziness in human being so that he may not be able to do good deeds. Remember, don’t waste so much time in rest, amassing wealth, excursions and arranging meetings and get-togathers that you feel lazy to offer prayers. Keep worldly works in limit.

Beware! Don’t waste your life in useless and unnecessary activities. Each second is worth a precious pearl – nay - more precious than a pearl, because you can buy a pearl with your money but you cannot get back your lost time. Beware, don’t waste a single second of your life.

Before youth turns to old age, before disease overtakes health, before weakness overtakes strength, consider life as a blessings before death. (make best use of life).

(The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.)). Book “Majmua-e-Daram page 279)

It is mentioned in the traditions that people in paradise will repent for the seconds and minutes spent without the remembrance of Allah. If they had spend those time in the remembrance of Allah, then their position in paradise would have been more exalted.

Every good and evil person will repent on the day of Judgement. Good people will say “How I wish I had done more good deeds, so that my position would have been more exalted.” Bad people will say “How I had not done evil deeds so that I may have been saved from Allah’s curse.”

(Majmaul Bayan)

The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) had advised Janabe Abuzer “Spent your life more miserly than Dirham and Dinar.” (Majmua-e-Daram II pg.52)

Spending your time wisely is the best obedience. A farmer who wastes his time during farming season repents in the end. (Nahjul Balagah)

Son! For Allah’s sake, make best use your life. Don’t spend it in such activities that will not benefit you after death. Intelligent man is one who does tomorrow’s work today. Foolish person is one who first follows his heart’s desires and then seeks forgiveness. (Majmua-e-Daram, Pg.16)

One who spends his life in idle talk is like one who throws his jewellery on the road and then sits digging stone (for children to play). Obviously this is sheer foolishness.

Son! Apple of my eye, value your life, don’t use it in any activities except those which will prove useful to save you from the fire of hell. Don’t become a silk-worm who tried to kill itself. Having said this, develop the finest and best character. The following are the details about “Character”.

Adopted from the book : "Wasiyatnama; Last Will Testament" by : "Sheykh Abdullah Mamkani"

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