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Last Wll Testament; Protection of Tongue

Preserve your tongue from idle talk because majority of the sins committed by the son of Adam is due to the tongue only. No other part of the body commits more sins than the tongue. (Usul-e-Kafi)

Silence is one of the gates of wisdom. (Usul-e-Kafi)

Always protect your tongue. Say only those words which will take you to paradise.

As long as a god-fearing man remains silent, he is counted amongst good people.

A person, who desires safety in this world and the world hereafter, should remain silent.

The only reason man will go to hell face downwards is because of his tongue.

When Allah wishes to bless His servant, then He helps him in controlling his tongue. Instead of finding faults in others, Allah keeps him busy in looking at his own defects. Those who speak less, their intelligence is complete and their hearts are pure. Those who speak more, their intelligence is incomplete and their hearts are hard. (Nahjul Balagah)

A man’s faith is correct only when his heart is pure, and the heart is pure only when his tongue is good. (Mustadarkul Wasail)

A God-fearing man’s tongue should be behind his heart. First, he should think, then he should speak justly. Otherwise he should keep quiet. A Munafik acts just the opposite of this. He keeps talking rubbish. He is not worried about what he is talking. (Nahjul Balagah)

By keeping silent, you don’t have to be ashamed nor there is need to repent, but by speaking, sometimes, you have to repent in this world as well as in the next world. (Mustadarkul Wasail)

Man is hiding behind his tongue. (Nahjul Balagah)

Son! First weigh, then speak. First test your words on the crucible of intelligence. If the talk is for Allah, then speak. Otherwise keep quiet. Absolutely quiet. Better still become dumb.

All the parts of our body are complaining to the tongue that if ‘speaking’ and ‘remaining silent’ are compared, than speech is like silver while silence is like gold.


However, it is different that sometimes speech is like gold while silence is like dust. When there is any discussion about Fiqh, religious education, lecture, advice, manners and character, then speech becomes gold and remaining silent is like deadly poison. Specially at the time of ‘Amr Bil Maruf’ and ‘Nahi Anil Munkar’, silence is harmful.

Adopted from the book : "Wasiyatnama; Last Will Testament" by : "Sheykh Abdullah Mamkani"

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