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Last Wll Testament; Contentment - Satisfaction

Son! Be contented which means be satisfied. In this, there is honour in this world as well as the hereafter. People of this world look down upon those who shun contentment and are dissatisfied and they do such deeds which brings retribution in the hereafter.

Contentment (satisfaction) does not mean living a life of misery when you have wealth. This is against the blessing of wealth. It is the right of your children that you should provide them with sufficient food and clothing. If someone has money’ yet he acts miserly, then it is considered against the law.

The meaning of contentment is: Be happy in all circumstances and spend according to income. A rich man should spend more on clothing and food for himself and his children but he should not do Israf (Waste of money).

If poor and needy, then he should be satisfied with what he gets, and be happy with the will of Allah. Don’t reveal your secrets to anybody. Don’t inform them about your poverty. By doing this, people will look down upon you. People are worldly and when worldly people come to know about someone’s poverty, then, they are looked down and they are not respected.

It is my experience that exhibiting poverty increases poverty and results in insults. Beware, don’t reveal your secrets to anybody. Your livelihood is destined. You are bound to get it. Allah has distributed livelihood as per His ‘Maslehat.’ Neither honour and status will increase it nor contentment will decrease it. Sometimes complaining about poverty amounts to complaining about Allah. This results in the wrath of Allah and retribution in the hereafter.

(Wasaelus Shia-2, P.532)

It is stated in ‘Hadis-e-Kudsi’ that : By My honour and power, whosoever asks anybody else except Me, I will dash all his hopes and he will be insulted and dishonoured and I will keep him away from My bounties and blessings.

Adopted from the book : "Wasiyatnama; Last Will Testament" by : "Sheykh Abdullah Mamkani"

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