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Last Wll Testament; Faith in Allah

Son! May Allah give you the best of both the worlds. Have faith in Allah in whatever you do. Everything is in His hands. Everything is done according to His will. By putting faith in A1lah, a man is saved from sorrow and grief and he does not go after useless pursuits.

Sometimes you succeed in achieving your goal and sometimes you fail. Suppose all your endeavours fail and if you have no faith in Allah, then you will be disappointed. But if you have faith in Allah, then you will not be sorry even if you fail. To place faith in other sources is described as ‘Shirk’ in the holy Quran. So have faith in Allah in whatever you do and desist from putting faith in other sources.

The importance of medium is not more than that of a mosquito. It is a deception that people living in this materialistic world should have their eyes on ‘Asabab’. It is a ‘waswasa’ of Shaitan. ‘Materialistic world’ means that the existence of things is because of mediums and causes. Therefore man should not put faith in mediums. His faith should always be on Allah. Whenever Allah wishes, He will create ‘asbab’

Son! Don’t be misguided that to earn your living, you have to run after it, because all things have been created so that the world’s administration keeps on moving. Allah’s blessing are not dependant on these things. Have faith in Allah. Leave the creation of Asbab on ‘Musab-bebul-Asbab’ He will create some or the other source to send you your Rozi’ (sustenance).

Of course, everyone has to work according to his needs. It is proved from experience that those who have left the search of Asbab in the hands of Allah have profited more while those who have put their faith in ‘Asbab have suffered losses e.g. when Hazarat Yusuf (a.s.) asked the king of Egypt to make him his treasurer, Allah extended his period of test by one year. If he had asked Allah instead, then he would have been released earlier. In another incident, when Hazarat Yusuf (a.s.) asked one of his co-prisoner to recommend him to the king.

Allah extended his period of custody in prison by seven years, why did he ask somebody else instead of Me? If he had prayed to Allah directly, he would have been released immediately. For this ‘Tark-e-Awla’ Allah had warned that you asked one person through another person while both are in Allah’s control. Why I was not asked? I am ‘Malekul-Muluk.’

After that He send Gabriel, who asked Hazrat Yusuf (a.s.) “How long do you wish to stay in prison? To which he replied “As long as Allah wishes.” “When he left it on the will of Allah, he was released by reciting ‘Dua-e-Tawassul.’

It is the same with Hazrat Ayub (a.s.). He complained to the king of Egypt. As a result, he was not released till he did not refer it to Allah. This is considered’ Tark-e-Awla’ for ‘Awliya’.

Son! Beware! Never ask for your needs to anyone else except Allah. Say whatever you want to say to Allah. He is the only Lord and the most Merciful.

Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.) did not ask anything from anybody except Allah. As a result, Allah made him ‘Khalil’. (Tafseer-e-Safi, P.12)

The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) has said: “If a man desires that his papers are answered, then he should turn his face away from human beings and pray to Allah for all his needs. When the merciful Allah sees this state, He will grant his desires.

For this, it is advisable to refer to Dua No. 13 in “Sahif-e-Sajjadiya” (Sahif-e-Kamela) by Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedeen (a.s.) in which he has explained basic facts about ‘Asbab’ and also showed us how ‘Dua’ should be recited.

Adopted from the book : "Wasiyatnama; Last Will Testament" by : "Sheykh Abdullah Mamkani"

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