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Last Wll Testament; Good character – Good Deeds

Son! Develop good character because it is beneficial is this world as well as hereafter. Allah has described the good character of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) as his special attribute. Good character is half the religion. (Wasaelus Shia, p. 331)

Good Character is a blessing from Allah. (Wasaelus Shia)

On the day of judgement, there will be no other good deed heavier than good character (Usul-e-Kafi – 2, p. 99)

A man with good character is like a man who is always praying and fasting. His sawab (reward) is as much as one who is fighting in the way of Allah (Jehad). (Usul-e-Kafi - 2, p. 101)

Good character dissolves sins as water dissolves salt. Majority of the people going to paradise will be those who have refrained from sin (Muttaqi) and those who have good character. (Usul-e-Kafi - 2, p 10)

Allah has said: He is ashamed of confining the flesh of a person with good character to hell. (Wasael Shia –2, p 221)

Good character increases life span so much so that if in the company of a Jew, then also behave nicely. (Mustadrak)

Son! I have seen excellent results of good character. Hazrat Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq (a.s.) has said: If you cannot keep good financial relations with people, at least show good character by behaving nicely. (Usul-e-kafi - 2, p 102)

Amirul Momeneen Hazrat Ali (a.s.) has stated: Behave nicely with all so that they show affection towards you when you meet them and if you die, they feel sad and say ‘Inna Lillah’. Don’t behave in such a way that they have to utter, Alhamod Lillah when you die. (Wasaelus-Shia-2. p 277)

Someone asked Hazrat Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq (a.s.), What is the definition of good character and good behaviour? He replied, ‘Politeness, sweet speech and meeting people with courtesy.’ (Usul-e-Kafi-2, p. 103)

The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) has said: When meeting believers, greet them with a smile. It a sign of good character. Talking politely with your enemy is courtesy. This way he is attracted towards Imaan (Islam). Even if he does not become a believer at least the believers will be saved from his (non believer) mischiefs. (Mustadrakul Wasael - 2, p 51)

Son! Beware, don’t treat your children badly. Bad behaviour leads you towards hell. Bad manners destroy Imaan (faith) as vinegar spoils honey. When Saad bin Maaz died, seventy thousand angels took part in his funeral procession. Yet, he had to suffer ‘Fishar-e-Qabr’ because he was not behaving nicely with his children. (Mustadrakul Wasael - 2, p 334)

Adopted from the book : "Wasiyatnama; Last Will Testament" by : "Sheykh Abdullah Mamkani"

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