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Lady Zaynab's First Address

As she saw the crowds blocking all streets of Kufa an surrounding the caravan. Lady Zaynab decided to deliver a speech aiming at uniting the public opinion, referring to the grand misfortune that the Umayyad gang brought to the Islamic ummah by killing the actual leader, Imam al-Husayn (a), and charging people of Kufa with that crime, because it wasthey who breached their promises of supporting the Imam 9a) and protecting him. Nevertheless, they as if it ot they who caused that massacre, nourned for the Imam (a) and wept for the captivity of his harem and children.

Lady Zaynab asdked everybody to keep silent, and then she, calm, composed, and courageous, said:

All praise is due to Allah. Blessing be upon my father Muhammad (s) and upon his good and righteous progeny (a). Well now, O people of Kufa; people of deception and perfidy! Do you weep? May your tears never cease, and may the resounding of this calamity never stop. Your similitude is she who unravels her yarn, disintegrating it into pieces after she has spun it strongly, you make your oaths to be means of deceit between you. Is there anyone among you who is not a boaster of what he does not have, a charger of debauchery, a conceited liar, a man of grudge without any justification, submissive like bondmaids, of feeble before the enemies, just like a pasture in relics or like a dirty piece of cloth on a grave? Truly bad is that which your souls have committed. You have reaped theWrath of Allah, remaining in the chastisement for eternity.

Do You really cry and sob? By Allah, you should then cry a great deal and laugh very little, for you have earned nothing but shame and infamy, and you shall never be able to wash it away, How could you do so? The descendant of the bearer of the Last Message, the very essence of the Message,master of the youths of Paradise, the refuge of the righteous from among you, the one who saves you from calamity, the beacon of your guidance, and the keeper of your traditions has been killed. O how horrible is the sin that you bear!

May you be distanced and crushed. The effort is rendered futile, perdition overtakes the hands, the deal is lost, and you earned nothing but wrath from Allah and His Messenger. You are doomed with servitude and humiliation.

Woe unto you, O people of Kufa! Do you know whose heart you have burned, what a feat you have labored, what blood you have, and what sanctity you have violated? you have done a most monstrous deed, something for which the heavens are about to split asunder and so is the earth, and for which the mountains crumble. You have done something most uncanny, most defaced, duskiest, most horrible, as much as the fill of the earth and of the sky. Do you wonder why the sky rains blood? Surely, the torment of the Hereafter is a greater chastisement, and you shall not be helped. Let no respite elate you, for rushing does not speed it up, nor does it fear the loss of the opportunity for revenge. you Lord is waiting in ambush to do so.

Because he recognized that the situation could no longer stand the words of his aunt, Imam Zayn al-'Abidin interrupted her speech, saying, "That is enough, aunt, Thanks to Allah, you are a learned lady whom none taught and you can comprehend without being made to do so."

Adopted from the book : "Lady Zaynab" by : "Ansariyan Publications"

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