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Lady Zaynab's eloquent speech, which is compared to Imam 'Ali's speeches, rebuked people of Kufa so effectively, exposed their false faith in Islam, falsified their deceitful tears, and introduced them as the most ignoble criminals as they contributed strongly in the murder of killing Imam al-Husayn (a), his household, and his companions.

With the utterance of justice and honesty and the voice of courage and right, Lady Zaynab hit people of Kufa and pointed to their lowliness and rotten-heartedness. Their forgery and falsehood could not deceive her as she reproached them for their crimes and ascribed to them the meanest characters. Moreover , she commented on their weeping by saying that they should have wept for the big crime of disappointing the Imam and letting him down.

Furthermore, this speech made them amazed and perplexed. They put their hands on theirs mouths without knowing what to do. An old man, for instance, approached her with teary eyes, saying, "my father and mother be sacrificed for you. Your men are the best men, your youths are the best youths, your women are the best women, and your progeny will never die away or become low."1

Then, Lady Fatima, Daughter of Imam al-Husayn (a), delivered an eloquent speech similar to her aunt's. Because her words were so strong and had bearings on them, people of Kufa begged her to stop. She responded, but people could not stop their wailings and weeping.

Then, Lady Ummu-Kulthum spoke similar words that touched people so deeply that women began to slap their faced and men to weep incessantly.

Then, Imam Zayn al-'Abidin spoke. He proved they were not true Muslims and that they had a share in the crime of killing the Imam (a). They therefore said to each other, "We have certainly perished." They then asked him to stop, and he did as their cries and wailing rose.

1- See Wafiyyat al-A'immah, 453.

Adopted from the book : "Lady Zaynab" by : "Ansariyan Publications"

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