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Islam and the Samples of Good Woman

As a developed school on the way of advancing its purposes and establishing the construction backgrounds, knowing that presenting samples makes the way smoother earlier, Islam tries to present samples. The holy Quran states in this regard as saying,

“And that we appointed ‘Mohammed’, the Messenger of Allah as a good model for you.”

Therefore, people have to follow the Messenger of Allah in their life affairs and circumstances. Also, in another verse, it states, “We appointed you as a moderate nation to be a sample for other peoples, and the Messenger to be your model”.

In the Islamic traditions, it is recommended to invite the people to truth through presenting true samples and practices and not only through the word of mouth. Our religious leaders have been the incarnation of Islam and Quranic concepts. When Ayesheh, the Prophet’s wife, was asked what were the Prophet’s morals like? she answered, “ Quranic morals”.

Our infallibles are like the scales and measure for us according to their own interpretation. When one infallible was asked, “What does the holy Quran mean by the word scale”? “We are meant” he answered. “We are the scales in the next world, and the peoples’ deeds are measured by our deeds”.

Islam has granted special values for the sample, believing that the basic movement towards the goal should be based on the sample. According to Imam Ali (peace be upon him), Muslims must endeavor to be like the accurate samples or in their samples’ footsteps. The samples must cause creating religious motivation, sensation and affection, attract and lead us, and therefore, prepare the ground for bearing a resemblance to the samples.

In spite of the fact that there exist no practical samples in man-made schools, and they are forced to think idealistically, fortunately, in the real Islamic school, that is, Shiism, there exist a lot of samples. If in following a school or philosophy, one is misled, he should not be reproached, because there is not any practical samples in the out world for him, and the leader of that school may even contradict and act against what the school says.

But if a Muslim or a Shia is misled, he should be reprimanded. Due to the fact that his samples are tangible in the external world and their manners and behaviors are imitative.

In our school, we have some samples such as Mohammed and Ali (peace be upon him), Fatima (peace be upon her) and Zeineb (peace be upon her ), Hasan (a.s), and Hossein (a.s) as well as other infallible Imams. Their children are considered as samples for our children, their daughters the samples for our daughters, and their sons and youth for our sons and youth.

Even their disciples are deserved to be our leaders and teach us the lessons of life and honor. Isn’t Omme Aiman a woman of character? Isn’t Fezzah deserving of being the sample? Aren’t Salman, Abuzar, Meitham, Hojr ibn Adi, etc, samples?

Hossein ibn Ali (peace be upon him) is our Imam, but his house alone can be a sample for us. Fatima (peace be upon her)’s family was only a family but can be considered as a sample for all families, willing to lead the human life to gain high esteem.

The existence of samples makes our duties heavier. If a western woman is misled, her excuse is sOmmehow justifiable, but if a Muslim and Shia woman is misled, what excuse does she have to present before Allah? She surely will be asked that why she did not follow Fatima’s lifestyle and behavior? Why she did not ask Zeineb, Imam Ali’s daughter, the mystery of honor? Why she did not take the lesson of life from Khadijeh and Fezzah?

But who is the sample of today’s women ?

The answer of this question is clear and that is: see their situation and ask about their mood. See what they say, what they do and what they act? To whom their speech and action resemble? Do they act as Zeineb or as others? Are their lifestyles like that of Fatima (peace be upon her) or another persons?

There exist some people, following western samples. Their thoughts, way of life, and luxury adoration take root from the developed and illuminated women in appearance but western in thought. That half naked lady, fond of luxury and pleasure, cannot have any sample except a western one and even dancers and singers. The one always thinking about color and change, luxury and ornament, royal life and pleasure has assumed the actresses and aristocrat as the samples, although she seems Islamic in clothes and appearance.

Adapted from the book: "Fatima (a.s) The Most Paramount Lady of Islam" by: "Dr. Ali Ghaemi"

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