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The External Reasons of Causing Disorders by the Women in the Society

In this regard, we have to mention the reasons, produced by the betrayal and malice of the enemy.

Islam has always been against the enemy of rationality, because of the efforts taken by the Muslims for years. The enemy apparently knows that if Islam gains victory, there will be no place for their colonization and exploitation. If Muslims find power under the protection of Islamic Ideology, their floodlight will never allow the bats to come close.

Therefore, they have tried to stop Muslims from developing, by means of colonization, exploitation, and spreading different kinds of modes, samples, and schools, impositions, cultural imperialism.

Most of their decisions aimed at families, women, mothers, and daughters, and how well they planned it. They know that if the wOmmen pass their responsibilities into oblivion, there remains a generation with an alive outward but dead inward with no aim, misled and deserving any kinds of exploitation.

There exist many policies employed by them, for examples:

1. The contamination of the environment:

Whenever the school programs are sponsored by the enemy, it is apparent what kind of program is planned, and whenever the life artery is usurped by the enemy, he knows when and how to cut it.

When came to program for our schools must be seen that who decided to have schools in our country? Where did its system come from? Who were employed and started to work as experts and advisors? Who supported them? And at last, who kept quiet and adapted those programs? It was the enemy who started contaminating the Islamic societies. Even in Egypt, Dunlop, who was a graduate of Theology College in Oxford, programmed for it. In Syria and Lebanon, the French and Americans….

It was a planned exploitation program as we have seen its effects in our country and other countries now after two international wars, and now we are witnessing its termination.

In order to achieve its purpose, the enemy exported everything to our country such as: fashion, dance, opium, heroine, films, fornication, obscene books, and magazines… and then took radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, posters, or in one word, our mass media under its control and programmed to contaminate the grounds by building youth palace, co-swimming pools, café, etc.

And what was our reaction against this destructive flood? We did not have enough power to shut the gates and instead, present constructive samples, and this is the disastrous consequence of our actions. Is it, then, feasible to eradicate all the aspects of cultural imperialism in one or two days?

2. Cultural Imperialism:

The enemy has imposed his contaminated culture to us through trickery, betrayal, and sometimes books, magazines, tourists and applied all its pressures directly and indirectly. It was their purpose to deconstruct and invalidate the values, to weaken the resistance, and break down the traditional constructions. It was their purpose to make a two and even multi-dimensional generation; a generation, Muslim in appearance but non-religious in practice, with a Christian shape but Sufis views and generally, null and void automation, speaking nonsense.

3. Presenting corrupted samples:

We have not managed to present tangible and attractive samples. Our samples were all intangible and celestial, and their attainment needed tears and sigh, groan and grief, hardship and affliction, suffering and deprivation. But on the contrary, the enemy presented the samples, which seemed attractive and interesting and tangible….

Their samples were so accessible that we need not searching for them. They were presented in our houses, in our radio and TV, and in our books. Soon, their colors worked and built our characters so that they were replaced and attracted all hearts and souls to themselves.

4. Schools:

The philosophical schools, the diversity of which is the criterion of our age, have added fuel to the fire of irregularity and unrestraint. These schools spread different kinds of seeds, and each of them soon rooted in our minds and as a result, changed our beliefs and customs.

Some of them provided the ground for our absurdity and nihilism; some others called on us to pleasures; and some another negated all sanctities and disrespected whatever considered as moral and religious values. And now, we are confronted with doubts, irresolution, and in some cases, depression.

Our mass media also amplified those schools ideologies instead of our own Ideology as if we really had not enjoyed any ideology, and we were in want of it. They acted to advance those schools thoughts into notice, and to achieve this end, they acclaimed them with great intensity and then called on us to adhere to them.

While studying these philosophical schools, we granted some of their aspects with no investigation. The unknown thoughts filled our minds as a result of repetition and inculcation as if they were a part of our Ideology, and in cases, they were given preference over our thoughts.

To advance these schools into notice, to propagate their thoughts, and to acclaim them caused the emergence of three groups of people among us: the deviated women, the aimless women, and the abnormal women with complex.

There exist no difference between them and the western women, but they can be clearly identified in their deeds or when presenting ideas. Those who are Muslims in word but imitate the nonbelievers in act are indeed deviated; those who are captured in the hand of their passion and have no intention are aimless; and at last, those are about to make up for the past deficiencies all costs and with no regard to their own honor are the men of complex.

Adapted from the book: "Fatima (a.s) The Most Paramount Lady of Islam" by: "Dr. Ali Ghaemi"

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