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Is Drinking 8 Glasses of Water a Day Good for Your Skin?

Question: Does drinking 8 glasses of water a day keep my skin moist?

Answer: No. Despite years of having this drummed into our heads, science and studies show this is not true.

However, it absolutely does not mean drinking a lot of water a day isn't good for you. It is, of course, good for your insides, keeping you hydrated and away from sugary soft drinks that are full of empty calories and too much sugar. But your skin? Not so much.

The outermost layer of skin does not absorb water since it is made up of dead skin cells. Moisture level of skin is not determined by internal factors, but rather external ones, such as cold or hot air, dry heat and by the number of oil-producing glands you have. 

If you want to hydrate your skin, exfoliate it weekly with a body scrub made of sugar and oil (I have a great recipe that costs pennies to make), then apply a rich moisturizer while skin is still damp.

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