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Imam Sadiq's Message to His Adherents and Companions

So, then, Ask Allah for good health. Adhere to courtesy, decorum, tranquility, and pudency, and promote yourselevs against what the virtuous ones among you promote themselves against.

Remark favorably on the wrong people: be steadfast against their oppression, beware of opposing them, and use taqiyyah of which Allah ordered you when you sit, associate, and discuss with them.

You have to sit, associate, and discuss with them, They will surely hurt you if they notice that you deny their beliefs. They will surely subjuagate you unless Allah protect you against them. Their hearts bear malice and hatred against you more than what they show. You have to associate with them.

The servant that Allah created as faithful believer will not die before he hates and goes away from evil. He whom Allah causes to hate and go away from evil will be saved from arrogance and pride. Hence, his mannerism and features will be well and his face will be smiling. He will acquire the decorum, tranquility, and reverence of Islam, keep himself away from matters that Allah forbids, and evade matters that enrage Allah.

Moreover, Allah will endow him with people's affection and courtesy and save him from boycotting people and engaging in disputations.

The servant that Allah created him as disbeliever will not die before he loves and favors evil. He whom Allah causes to love and favor evil will be arrogant and proud. Hence, he will be hard-hearted, vicious, rude-faced, famed of vulgarity, and shameless.

Allah will dishonor him as nothing will prevent him from committing the prohibited matters and the acts of disobedience to Allah. He will hate obedience to Allah and its people. Far away are the believers' manners from the disbelievers'. Ask Allah for good health and seek it from Him. All power and might belong to Allah.
Supplicate to Allah very frequently. He loves the servants who supplicate to Him. He promised them of response. On the Day of Resurrection, Allah will change the believers' supplications into deeds due to which their ranks of Paradise will be added. Refer to Allah very much in every hour of every day and nigh. He ordered to mention Him frequently and He will mention the believers who mention Him. Allah will remember graciously every believer who mentions Him.

Keep up the prayers in general and the middle prayer in specific, and stand up while offering prayers in obedience to Allah, as Allah ordered the faithful believers before you in His Book.

You should love the poor Muslims. He whoever debases and humbles them will deviate from Allah's religion and Allah will debase him. Our father the Prophet(S.A.W.) said; My Lord ordered me to love the poor Muslims."

You must know that Allah will throw hatred and belittlement upon him whoever humiliates any of the Muslims, so that people will hate him intensely. Fear Allah in regard to the poor Muslims; your brothers. It is obligatory upon you to love them since Allah ordered His Prophet(S.A.W.) to love them. He whoever dislikes those whom Allah ordered His Prophet(S.A.W.) to love to disobeying Allah and His messenger. He who disobeys Allah and His Messenger to death will be reckoned as one of those who returned into a rebel.
Beware of pride and arrogance, because arrogance is Allah's dress, and He will surely subdue and humiliate him whoever tries to take His dress.

Beware of oppressing each other, because this is not a character of the virtuous. Allah will make the results of any oppression against the originator of that oppression and will give His victory to the wronged party. He whom is given Allah's victory will surely overcome and prosper.

Beware of envying each other, because it is the origin of atheism.

Beware of standing against the wronged Muslim, because Allah will respond to him when he supplicates to him. Our father the Prophet (S.A.W.) said: The supplication of the wronged Muslim is responded."

Beware of desiring for anything that Allah forbids. Allah will deprive those who violate the prohibited matters of Paradise and its pleasures, delights, and everlasitng awards.

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