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Imam al-Hasan's (a.s.) Outstanding Merits

Al-Hasan, peace be on Him, is the Lord of the youth of Heaven. He was one of the two persons in whom the progeny of the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless Him and his family, was limited. He was one of the four person through whom the Prophet made the contest of prayer with the Christians of Najran. He ws one of the five persons whom the Prophet covered with his cloak. He was one of the twelve Imams whose obedience Allah made incumbent on people. He was among those who were purified from sins as the Koran says. He was among those love Allah made one of the two valuable things (thaqalayn). Thus whoever cleaves to them does not go astray. He was the plant of the sweet basil of the Apostile of Allah may Allah bless Him and his family. The Prophet loved Him and asked Allah to love those who love Him.

Al-Hasan had other outstanding merits. These merits are in need of a long exaplanation, Still the explanations does not encompass them even if it is long.

The people pledged allegiance to Him after the death of his father. peace be on them. So he assumed the succession in the best manner though the time of his succession was short, Also he made a peace Treaty with Mu'awiaya on the fifteeth of the month of Jamadi al-'Ula' in the year 41 A.H., according to the most correct reports. So he was able to protect the religion and to spare the blood of the believers. In the Peace Treaty, he followed the teachings which he reported on the authority of his father on the authority of his grandfather, may Allah bless Him and his family. Apparently, his succession was seven months and twenty days.

After the Peace Treaty had been concluded, Al-Hasan, peace be on Him, came back to Medina to stay there. So his house became as a second haram (a sacred sanctuary) for people to visit.

Through these two sacred places (Al-Hasan's house and Medina), Al-Hasan peace be on Him, became the rise of guidance. He was the stronghold of knowldge and shelter of Muslim. Meanwhile there were many knowledgeable poeple all around Him. Any how such knowledgeable people were the students of Al-Hasan. So they learnt knowledge from Him and reported on his authority. Allah granted Al-Hasan plentiful knowledge and a high social position in the bearts of Muslims. Thus he (Al-Hasan) was able to guide the community, to lead Muslims spiritually, to correct the Islamic beliefs, and to unify the people of montheism.

Al-Hasan, peace be on Him, performed the early mornng prayer in the mosque of the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless Him and his family. He sat there praising Allah till the sun rose. In the meantime he answered the questions of the great Muslims figures. In his book al-Fusul al-MuHimma, p. 159, b. al-Sabbagh said: "The people gathered around Him (Al-Hasan. He (Al-Hasan) answered the questioners perfcetly and refutted the proofs of the disputers."
When Al-Hasan, peace be on Him, performed the hajj or went around the Kaaba, the people were about to destroy Him. For they overcrowded to welcome Him.

Adopted from the book: "Sulh al-Hasan (a.s.)" by: "Sheykh Radi al-Yasin"

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