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It begins from one of the following stated Miqats: Masjid Al-Shajarah, Juhfah, Wadi Aqiq, Yalamlam, Oarn Manazil (according to route the pilgrim takes when traveling to Mecca).

Ihram consists of three acts:

A. Intention: Stated thus, "1 make Ihram of Umarh aI-Tamattu of Islamic Hajj to bring me closer to Allah, the Exalted."

B. Talbiah: (the saying of Labbaik). It is:

Labbaika Allahumma Labbaik
Labbaika La sharika Laka Labbaik
Innal kamda wan ni'mata Laka wul Mulk
La sharika Lak

(Here I am, my Lord, Here I am. Here Jam. You have no partner. Here I am. Praise, grace and the kingdom is for You. You have no partner).

Note: It is obligatory to cease Talbiyah (the saying of Labbaik), whenever the pilgrim sees only the houses of Mecca.

C. (Only for men) Wearing the two articles of Ihram (the waist-wrapper and the clock) which should cover the part of the body between the navel and the knees while the clock should cover the shoulders.

Note: As a precautionary measure, the pilgrim has to wear his attire before making his intention and Talbiyah (the saying of Labbaik). Otherwise, he should repeat his intention and Talbiyah once more.

Adapted from the book: "The Hajj As Worship and Education" by: "Al-Balagh Foundation"

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