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Husain decides to leave Madina

HUSAIN DECIDED TO leave Madina. Learning about the decision of the Holy Imam, people in groups approached him asking the reason for his decision to leave the holy city. Husain said that his refusal to pay 'Bait' to Yazid, will certainly be defied and Yazid will not spare shedding blood for it, and he did not like the holy city of his Grandfather, the Holy Prophet, to become the battlefield and the poor people of the city to suffer the wholesale massacre the tyrant's forces will enact. Poor people, old and young, men and women, and even young children will perish and the city will be ruined. Secondly, if Husain remained there, later people would say, why did not Husain leave the place when he knew the enemy would not leave him unchased. Hence he had decided to go to Mecca and after the pilgrimage to decide what to do.

Husain visited the shrine of his Grandfather and leaning on it said:

"0' Grandfather dear! Seest thou my fate after thee at the hands of the people who profess to follow thee. I leave thy city and thy grave, not of my own accord but forced by the circumstances. Pardon thou thy grandson for going away from thee."

While saying this a drowse dawned on Husain and Husain saw in a vision his Grandfather standing out from his grave and selling him:

"Husain my dear! Hasten thou toward Iraq; the Lord willeth to see thee martyred and thy Grandfather is with thee."

Husain arose from the holy grave and then visited his Mother's grave and took leave of it and then visited his Brother Hasan's grave and taking leave of it, returned home and started preparations for the journey. From every house in Madina, particularly of the Hashimites, was heard the laments of the people for losing the Holy Imam from the city. Ladies in groups visited Zainab and in surprise asked her the reason for the decision of the Holy Imam to leave the place. Zainab could only say that it is God's will that her Brother Husain, the Holy Imam, was allowing to be done and none had any voice in it.

The youth of the city came to meet the children of Husain with tears in their eyes and asking when they would return, to which the young souls said: 'If God wills it. None could say when.

Husain's sister Umme Kulthoom being a widow resided with Husain and Zainab who had been married to Abdullah bin Jaffar, rushed to her husband and implored for permission to accompany Husain, saying that she would not live without Husain in the city. Abdullah granted the request and Zainab returned and prepared to leave with Husain.

Fatema Sughra, a daughter of Husain was sick with high fever and Husain the Guardian of the Word of God, could not act against it and thus had decided to leave the young daughter at home with his grandmother Omme Salema the Lithful wife of the Holy Prophet who alone remained attached to the House of the Holy Prophet. The young soul Fatema Sughra, anxious to accompany her parents and not be left alone in the deserted house, was restlessly imploring her father the Holy Imam who was unable to take her against the Word of God. The poor daughter of Husain in her sickness was requesting every member of the family to recommend her case to her father and none could go against the decision of God. The whole house was shedding tears for this young, sick and miserable soul.

The implorations from the citizens to Husain to reconsider his decision to leave Madina, did not cease till the last moment. Muhammad-e-Hanafia one of the sons of Ali came to Husain and advised him in the same way as others had done to which Husain said that he had to go in the fulfilment of the Divine Will disclosed to him by his Grandfather the Holy Prophet. Then Muhammad asked why he was taking the women and children with him, to which Husain said the Lord has destined that they should suffer captivity. Zainab who heard this discourse cried to Muhammad saying 'Why dost thou 0' Muhammad! Endeavour to cause separation between me and my brother?" Hearing Zainab, Muhammad kept quiet.

Lady Ommul Baneen whom Ali had married with a definite desire to have of her a son like Abbas, called her four sons and said:

"Go ye, all of you in the service of the son of Fatema. Beware! If anything untoward happeneth to Husain or to any of his children, ye shall not return unto me alive! Let me have the face to show to Fatema on the Day of Judgment."

Then the lady called Abbas and said :-

"Be thou close to Husain wherever he is and see that nothing untoward happens to him or to any of his children. It is for this day thy father desired thy advent into this world, and see the object of thy father is realised to his satisfaction. Beware! Abbas! The world has turned inimical to Husain. Shed thou thy lift-blood but let not Husain or his family and children be inconvenienced in the least. Go, God be with Thee!"

Abbas and his brothers kissed the feet of their mother and Abbas said:-

"Mother dear! I assure thee in the name of God, that until Abbas is alive, nothing shall happen to my Master Husain or any of his dear ones."

Adapted from the book: "Husain; The Saviour of Islam" by: "S.V. Mir Ahmed Ali"

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