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What does it mean if my baby passes the hearing screening?

Newborn hearing screening results leaflet (Ministry of Health)If your baby passes the hearing screen, it means that at the time of the screen, your baby's hearing was good. It is still possible for some babies who pass their hearing screen to develop a hearing loss later. The checklist on the back of the following leaflet will help you monitor your baby's speech and language skills as they grow.

What if my baby needs repeat hearing screening?

Some babies may need a repeat screen because the earlier screening did not show a strong enough response in one or both ears.

What if my baby is referred to an audiologist?

Newborn hearing screening: referral to an audiologist (Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education)If your baby's hearing screening shows that a further check is needed, your baby will be referred to a hearing specialist (audiologist).

What vision checks are needed for babies?

Your child's eyes should be checked soon after birth for what is known as a ‘red reflex'. Children who have an abnormal reflex are referred to an eye doctor (ophthalmologist).

Some very premature babies need eye examinations when they are in the newborn unit.

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