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Hazrat Zahra’s Weekly Dua'as

Hazrat Zahra’s Dua’a for Saturday

O Allah opens for us the treasures of your mercy. Give us compassion O Allah.

Do not punish us in this world and the hereafter. Provide us from your abundant bounties a pure and good livelihood, and let us not be in need or want of anyone other than you.

Increase our thankfulness to you, turn to you in need and want and be prosperous without the help of anyone except you.

O Allah be generous to us in this world, surely we seek refuge with you from circumstances when you would turn away your face from us as we only ask from you.

O Allah sends your blessings on Muhammad and on the family of Muhammad and gives us what you love and make it a source of strength for us, O the most merciful.

Hazrat Zahra’s Dua’a for Sunday

Allah makes the first part of this day successful, the last have a happy ending and the middle be righteous.

O Allah send blessings on Muhammad and his family make us from among the one who turned repentantly to you so you answered him, and who relied on you so you sufficed him, who beseeched you so you had mercy on him.

Hazrat Zahra’s Dua’a for Monday

O Allah I ask you for strength in worshiping you, comprehension of your book, and understanding of your commands. O Allah blesses Muhammad and his family. Do not render the Quran with us barren (unfruitful) or the path transitory nor Muhammad, blessings of Allah be on him and his family, to turn away from us.

Hazrat Zahra’s Dua’a for Tuesday

O Allah, the people have carelessly neglected Your remembrance, let us remember you and when they turn to your remembrance, and let us thank you. Let us speak from the depths of our hearts whatever we say by our tongue O Allah, verily the plenteousness of your forgiveness has enough room to absorb our sins, and we rely more on your mercy than on our good deeds. O Allah, send blessings on Muhammad and on his children and enable us to do good deeds worthy of rewards.

Hazrat Zahra’s Dua’a for Wednesday

O Allah protect us with Your eye that never sleeps

Your pillar that never falters, and Your mighty names

And bless Muhammad and his family

Protect for us that which if other than You were to protect, it would be lost

And cover for us that which if other than you were to cover, it would become known

And render all of that obedient to us

Surely You listen to (our) supplications

You are near, and You reply.

Hazrat Zahra’s Dua’a for Thursday

O Allah! I seek from You guidance and taqwa,

Chastity and sufficiency (free of need of others)

And deeds according to what You love and are pleased with

O Allah compensate our weakness with Your Might

Our poverty and need with Your sufficiency

And our ignorance with Your forbearance and knowledge

O Allah bless Muhammad and his family

And help us in thanking and remembering You

In obeying and worshipping You

By Your mercy, O the most merciful of those who display mercy.

Hazrat Zahra’s Dua’a for Friday

O Allah! Render us among the nearest of those who seek nearness to You

And the most illustrious of those who turn to You

And the most successful of those who ask from You and beseech You

O Allah render us among those who it as if they see you

Until the Day of Judgment when they will meet You

And do not let us die except with your pleasure

O Allah renders us among those who demonstrate their sincerity towards You

In their actions and those who love you (the most) among Your creation

O Allah bless Muhammad and his family

And forgive us with a resolute forgiving

After which we do not return to committing any sins, mistakes or errors.

O Allah bless Muhammad and his family

With a blessing that is increasing, eternal, pure, consecutive and continuous

By Your mercy O the most merciful of those who display mercy.

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