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Hazrat Fatimah’s worship and her Duaa after the Asr Prayer

After the Asr (afternoon) Prayer, Fatimah (A.S) supplicated Allah with the following Dua’a:

“Glory be to Him Who is aware of what the hearts (minds) obtain! Glory be to Him who knows the exact count of sins! Glory be to Him Who nothing in the earth or in the heaven is unknown to him! Praise be to Allah Who has not made me ungrateful to His blessings, nor a denier to His favor. All good is from Him and He is the fittest for it! Praise be to Him for His irrefutable authority over all that He has created from those who obey and do not obey Him. If He shows mercy, it is from His favor, and if He punishes, it is for what people themselves have committed, and Allah wills no injustice to His creatures.

Praise be to Allah the most high in place, of most exalted erection, of strongest pillars, of most glorious authority, most greatest position, of clear proof, the Beneficent, the Merciful, the Giver, the Benefactor.

Praise be to Allah Who has hidden from every creature that sees Him by the truth of Deity, and the power of Oneness; so sights cannot comprehend Him, nor can news include Him. No measurement can measure Him, and no mind can imagine Him because He is the Almighty Sovereign.

O Allah, verily You see my place, hear my speech, know of my affairs, know what there is inside my soul, and nothing of my affairs is hidden to You. I have come to You offering my request, asking You for my need, beseeching You for my demand, and asking You due to poverty and neediness, meanness and distress, and misery and wretchedness.

You are the Lord Who is Generous of forgiveness; You can find another than me to punish him, but I cannot find another than You to forgive me. You can do without my punishment, but I cannot do without Your mercy. I beg You by my need to You and Your doing without me, and by Your power over me and my weakness before You to make my this supplication receive a response from You, and my this standing receive a mercy from You, and my this request receive a success. (O my Lord) whatever difficulty I fear, make it easy to me, and whatever failure I fear, afford it to me, and whoever from all the creatures intends evil to me, defeat him; Amen O the Most Merciful of the merciful. (O my Lord) make easy to me what I fear its severity, and relieve me from what I fear its distress, and make easy to me what I fear its hardship, Amen O the Lord of the Worlds!

O Allah, take self-deceit, hypocrisy, haughtiness, oppression, envy, weakness, doubtfulness, faintness, illnesses, diseases, treason, cunning, trickery, calamity, and corruption off my hearing and sight, and guide me to what You like and please, O the Most Merciful of the merciful.

O Allah, have blessing on Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad and forgive my sin, cover my defect, calm down my fear, relieve my distress, suffice my poverty, make easy my need, pardon my slip, gather me with my family, and save me from all what may distress me; what is unknown to me, known to me, and all what I fear from You, O the Most Merciful of the merciful!

O Allah, I have entrusted my affairs to You, delivered my back to You, and handed over my self to You with all what I have committed against it out of fear and desire, and You are the Generous One that do not let down hope and do not disappoint supplication, so I ask You by the right of Your friend Abraham, and Your speaker (with) Moses, and Your soul Jesus, and Your choice and prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) not to keep Your Face away from me until You accept my repentance and  forgive my errors, O the Most Merciful of the merciful!

O Allah, make my revenge on him who has oppressed me and give victory on him who has feuded me. O Allah, do not make my trial be in my faith, and do not make the worldly life be my foremost interest or the end of my knowledge!

O Allah, better my faith which is the protection of my affairs, and better my life in which my living is, and better my afterlife in which my resurrection will be there, and make life to me a growth in every good, and make death a relief to me from every evil!

O Allah, You are the Most Pardoner and You love pardoning, so pardon me!

O Allah, make me live if You know that life is better to me, and make me die if death is better to me. I ask for (granting me) fearing You in absence and presence, and fairness at anger and satisfaction, and I ask You for (making me practice) economy in poverty and wealth, and I ask You for a bliss that does not cease, and delight that does not stop, and I ask You for satisfaction after (Your) judgment, and I ask You for the pleasure of the looking at Your Face.

O Allah, I ask You to guide me to my best affairs, and seek Your protection from the evil of my soul. O Allah, I have done wrong and been unjust to myself, so forgive me for that no one forgives sins except You. O Allah, I ask You to hasten Your hale to me, give me patience toward Your trial, and take me out of this life to Your mercy.

O Allah, I ask You, Your angels, the carriers of Your Throne, and all there is in the heavens and the earth to witness that You are Allah and there is no god but You alone with no partner, and that Muhammad is Your slave and messenger. O You, Who had been before the existence of anything, Who are the Creator of everything, and Who will exist after when there will be nothing existing.

And I ask You that praise is to You that there is no god but You, the Creator of the heavens and the earth.

O Allah, to Your mercy I have raised my sight, and to Your bounty I have stretched my hand, so do not prevent me while I am begging You, and do not punish me while I am asking You to forgive me. O Allah, forgives me for You are aware of me, and do not punish me for You are powerful over me by Your mercy, O the Most Merciful of the merciful.

O Allah, the One of the vast mercy and the availing, exalting, and purifying prayer, bless the best one of Your people to You, the most beloved one of them to You, and the most prominent of them to You; Muhammad, Your slave and messenger, who has been preferred with the virtues of (being) the means, with the noblest, most perfect, most exalted, greatest, and the best blessings that You have ever blessed a messenger of You and a trustee with Your revelation by.

O Allah, as You have closed (ended) by him (Prophet Muhammad) blindness, and opened by him guidance, make the methods of his ways brilliance to us, and the proofs of his authority as means to us by which we come to You.

O Allah, praise be to You inasmuch as the seven heavens and their layers, and inasmuch as the seven earths and what there is between them, and inasmuch as the Throne of our Generous Lord and the scales of our Forgiving Lord, and inasmuch as the words of our Mighty Lord, and inasmuch as the Paradise and the Fire, and inasmuch as the number of soil, water, and all what is seen and what is not seen.

O Allah, make Your blessings, benediction, favor, forgiveness, mercy, pleasances, peace, remembrance, light, honor, bounty, and good on Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad as You had benediction, blessing, and mercy on Abraham and the progeny of Abraham, You are Praised, Glorious.

O Allah, give Muhammad the great means and the most benefic of Your reward in the end until You honor him on the Day of Resurrection, O the Lord of guidance.

O Allah, have blessing on Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad, and on all of Your angels, prophets, and messengers. Peace be on Gabriel, Michael, Israfel, the carriers of the Throne, Your Archangels, the noble recorders (angels), the close angels, and peace be on all of Your angels.

Peace be on our father Adam and our mother Eve, and peace be on all the prophets, the truthful, the martyrs, and the righteous, and peace be on all the messengers, and praise be to Allah the Lord of the worlds, and there is no power save in Allah, the Most High, the Most Great.”

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