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Hazrat Fatimah’s worship and her Duaa after Dhuhr Prayer

The happiest times Fatimah (A.S) had were the times when she communicated with her Lord in prayer. When she offered the prayer, her heart traveled high to the Divine Sphere, and her body shook out of the fear of her Lord.

After each prayer, Fatimah (A.S) devotedly supplicated her Lord with some Dua’a. The following are some of that Dua’a:

Her du’a after the Dhuhr (noon) Prayer

When Fatimah (A.S) finished the Dhuhr Prayer, she recited this dua'a,

“Glory be to the Glorious, High, Sublime One. Glory be to the One of the great honor. Glory be to the One of the eternal, superior sovereignty.

Praise be to Allah by Whose blessing I have reached what I have had of the knowledge of Him, the doing for Him, the turning to Him, and the obeying of His command, and praise be to Allah Who has made me not deny anything of His Book, and not confused in anything of His affair, and praise be to Allah Who has guided me to His religion, and not made me worship anything else than Him.

O Allah, I ask You for the saying and the doing of repentant, the rescue and reward of mujahidin, the faith and reliance of believers, ease at death, and security at reckoning.

O Allah, make death the best absentee I am waiting for, and the best visitor that visits me, and endow me at the coming of death, at its attacking, at its pangs, and when the soul comes down from between the clavicles, and when it reaches the throat, and at my leaving this world, and at that moment when I have no power over any good or harm to myself, nor distress or ease, (endow me) with a mercy from Your mercy, and a share from Your contentment, and a good tiding from Your honor, before You take my life and make the Angel of Death dominate over my soul, with a good tiding from You!

O my Lord, there is no one other than You that pleases by it (mercy and good tiding) my bosom, satisfies my soul, delights my eye, makes my face beams with joy, my complexion shine, my heart feel safe, and all my body rejoice at it that all those who see me from Your creation and hear about me from Your people envy me it. You make by it the agonies of death easy for me, relieve me from its grief, alleviate its severity, save me from its trouble, take away from me its grief and regret, keep me from its sorrow and sedition, protect me from its evil and the evil of that which comes to its (death) people, and endow me by it with its good and the good of that which comes with it and the good of that which will come after it.

And then if You make me die and take my soul, make my soul among the successful souls, and my spirit among the good spirits, and my body among the purified bodies, and make my deeds among the accepted deeds, and then grant me in my grave in the earth, and the place of my shield where my flesh is entombed, and my bone is buried, and I am left alone helplessly exiled by the land and deserted by people, and when I miss Your mercy, and need my good deeds, and meet what I have done for my afterlife and done in the days of my life, (grant me) a success from Your mercy, and a gleam from Your light, and a confirmation from Your honor with the firm word in this worldly life and in the hereafter, You cause the unjust to go astray and do what You pleases. Then bless my resurrection and reckoning when the ground is split to me and people abandon me, the cry befalls me, the gust frightens me, and You resurrect me after death and send me for reckoning. Send with me, O my Lord, a light from Your mercy moving before me and on my right hand to reassure me with it, make my heart steadfast (with it), show my excuse, honor my face, confirm my speech, declare my proof, take me to the firm handhold of Your mercy, and put me in the high rank of Your paradise, and grant me the companionship of Muhammad Your slave and messenger in the highest rank of the Paradise, and its best virtue, best gift, and most successful aspiration with those upon whom You have bestowed favors from among the prophets, the truthful, the martyrs, and the righteous, and a goodly company are they.

O Allah, have blessing on Muhammad the last of the prophets, and on all the prophets and the messengers, and all the angels, and on his good, pure progeny, and on all the imams of guidance; Amen, O Lord of the worlds.

O Allah, have blessing on Muhammad as You have guided us by him, have blessing on Muhammad as You have had mercy on us by him, have blessing on Muhammad as You have preferred us by him, have blessing on Muhammad as You have honored us by him, have blessing on Muhammad as you have enlightened us by him, and have blessing on Muhammad as You have saved us from a brink of an abyss of Fire.

O Allah, honor his face, exalt his rank, make his authority prevail, perfect his light, make his scales heavy, confirm his proof, grant him until he is pleased, make him get to the high degree and means in the Paradise, take him to the praised position that You have promised him, make him the best of prophets and messengers to You in rank and means, make us follow him, give us to drink from his cup, make us get to his pond, resurrect us in his company, make us die on his religion, make us follow his paths, and carry out his Sunna being not abased, regretful, doubtful, or apostate.

O You, that Your door is opened for Your suppliants, and Your screen is raised for those who hope for You, O You, the Coverer of bad things, and Healer of wounded hearts, do not expose me in the stand of the (Day of) Resurrection with sins, and do not turn Your honored face away from me from among people.

O You, the aim of the distressed poor, and the Healer of broken bones, forgive me my great sins and what expose my inners, clean my heart from the burden of errors, and grant me with good preparedness for the coming of death.

O You the Most Generous of the generous, and the utmost hope of the begging ones, You are my Lord; You have opened to me the door of supplication and repentance, so do not close before me the door of acceptance and responding, and save me by Your mercy from Fire, put me up in the abodes of the Gardens, make me cling to the firmest handhold, make my end a happy one, and make me live with peace.

O Most Gracious, Most Perfect, Most Glorious, Most Lofty, do not let an enemy or envier rejoice at my misfortune, and do not let an oppressive ruler overpower me nor a mutinous devil, by Your mercy O the Most Merciful of the merciful, and there is no power save in Allah, the Most High, the Most Great, and may Allah have blessing and peace on Muhammad and his progeny.”

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