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Hajj and Some of the issues concerning women

357. If the monthly menstruation bleeding starts before performing the tawaaf prayer or during the tawaaf, if she had done completed four rounds or more she should abort the tawaaf and /or prayer and leave the Mosque immediately. She could perform the rest of rites in terms of the say and taqseer if [these rites] were for the Umrah. She should wait until she is taahir in order to perform the rest of the tawaaf and prayer, starting with the tawaaf first. It is not necessary for her to repeat the say.
358. If the bleeding started after completing the fourth round, but she continued to perform the rites, if she is not taahir by the time of woquf [in Arafaat] on the 9th day of Dhil-Hejjah, it is recommended that she appoints someone to perform what she has missed in terms of the remainder of the tawaaf and its prayer before she leaves [Makkah] for woquf in Arafaat. The woman concerned must perform the remainder of the tawaaf and its prayer after she is taahir.
359. If the bleeding starts after completing the tawaaf and before performing its prayer, she is liable to performing the prayer after she is taahir, and as a precaution, she should appoint someone to perform the prayer on her behalf.
360. If the bleeding starts before completing the fourth round, i.e. during the first, second, third, or fourth round, she must abort her tawaaf, and leave the House immediately. If she became taahir before the woquf in Arafaat, she must perform the entire tawaaf and its prayer, after being taahir. If she is not taahir by the time of the woquf, she has the choice between:
1) Revert her Hajj to Ifraad as mentioned previously, and proceed to Arafaat and [from there to] the Mashar al-Haraam and perform all the rites of Mina and the rest of the rites of Makkah. When she completes all the rites of Hajj, she should perform the Mufradah Umrah.
2) Alternatively it is also permissible for her to remain on the Tamattu [Umrah] and proceed to perform the say and taqseer to be released from the state of ihraam, and then perform the tawaaf and its prayer after becoming taahir.
361. In cases of Istihaadha undue or lesser menses, if a woman acts according to that that is obligatory for her to do for the obligatory prayers, she would be considered taahir [for the rites of Hajj].

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