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Hair Transplantation Surgery

What No One Tells You About Hair Transplantation Surgery

Hair loss affects most men to one extent or another throughout their lives. This can be very distressing for men. Hair loss is also a problem that some women suffer as well. Hair loss can be attributed to any number of factors including family history, aging, illness, head trauma, burns, etc. It is estimated that for women, one in five will experience some form of hair loss. Some people decide to cope with the problem by wearing a wig or using hair extensions. Cosmetic surgery is another viable option. In fact this type of cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more popular all of the time.

Cosmetic surgery in hair restoration techniques have advanced to the point where anyone with hair loss can once again have a full head of hair. Hair transplantation surgery is an excellent way to regain self-confidence that has been flagging due to substantial hair loss and it is also a way to look more vibrant and youthful again. One of the most significant points about hair transplantion surgery is that it makes use of the patient's existing hair.

Patches of hair are usually taken from the back of a person's head because this is where most people have the most hair and it is the hair on the top and sides of the head that it more likely to thin or go bald. The size of the area of hair that is removed depends on how much needs to be replaced but a skilled cosmetic surgeon can remove hair in such a way that it will not be obvious to other people that hair was ever removed at all.

There are two ways in which hair transplation surgery can be done. In one method, circular areas of hair known as plugs are removed and these contain anywhere from 8 to 12 hairs. In the second method strips of hair along the sides of the head or the very bottom of the hairline are taken and are use as transplanted hair. The incisions are made with a small scalpel or needle and in some cases a laser is used.

A good candidate for hair transplantation is a person who has a sufficient quantity of healthy hair located at the back of their head and/or the sides of their head which can act as the site of the donor hair. It goes without saying that a good candidate for this type of surgery is someone who is self conscious enough about their lack of hair that they want to do something about it and cosmetic surgery of this type is the most permanent way to replace hair on your head. In order to be a good candidate for hair transplantation surgery you must have an excellent working knowledge of how the procedure is done. At the initial consultation the surgeon will explain the procedure in detail, along with the risks, the benefits and the recovery period. Finally a good candidate for hair transplantation surgery must have both realistic goals as well as realistic expectations about what he can expect from the surgery and what he cannot.

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