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Further proofs of Ali's greatness

Qais Bin Hazim records :

"I was wandering in the streets of the bazar in Median, when I saw men clustering around one who rode a cow and stood cursing Ali. In the meantime Saad Abi Waqaas happened to pass that way and asked him what made him curse Ali. "Was he not the first to accept Islam? Was he not the first to say his prayers with the Prophet? Was he not the most pious of all? Was he not the greatest scholar?" Waqaas went on recounting Ali's distinctions and in the end said, "Was he not the son in-law of the Prophet? Was he not the Commander-in Chief of the Prophet's forces in all the wars that the Pro phet had to fight?" Then Waqaas turned to the House of Allah and raised both his hands in prayers, "O Allah ! This man is cursing one of Thy beloved; before these people disperse, show them how Mighty Thou art !" Qais relates, "By Allah ! we had hardly dispersed when his mount plunged into the solid earth, flinging him on to a rock. His head was fractured and he died instantly."

Mustadrak Vol. 3, p. 499.

The Prophet ordered, "Send for the Emir of the Arabs !" "Aren't you yourself the Emir of the Arabs," inter posed Ayesha.

"No !" replied the messenger of Allah. "I'm the the Emir of the entire mankind."

When Ali put in an appearance, he ordered Ali to call the Ansars, and when they arrived, the Prophet announced, "O Ansars ! If you hold fast to one whom I point out to you, you will never go astray." "Do point out to us, 0 Messenger of Allah," they said. "That man is Ali," said the Prophet. "Regard him 242 as deeply as you regard me; honour him as highly as you honour me. Whatever I'm declaring to you is not from me, but it is all from Allah. Gabriel just conveyed this to me." 1. Riaz-un-Nazarah Vol. 3, p. 177. (2) Izalat-ul-Khifa Maqsad 2, p. 362.

"Ali !" said the Prophet of Allah, "The pride of your place is like that of the House of Allah. People of themselves go to the House of Allah, the House of Allah does not go after the people. So when I am no more, if these people, of themselves, elect you as their Caliph, do become their Caliph. If they do not approach you, never go to them so long as they themselves do not come up to you."

(1) Usd-ul-Ghaba Vol. 4, p. 31. (2) Kunooz-ul-Haqaique p. 173.

"Ali and I will be the last word on the Day of Judgment!"

Selections from Kanz-ul-Ummal p. 34.

 Salman reports, having heard the Prophet saying :

"Ali and I, fourteen thousand years before the creation of mankind, were one Light. When Allah created Adam, He split this Light into two, one of which I am and the other is Ali."

Riaz-un-Nazarah Vol. 2, p. 164.

Some of the Companions of the Prophet were of the opinion that Ali was blessed with such individual traits of character and distinctions that if a single one of them was possessed by all the peoples of the world it was more than enough for their betterment.

Usd-ul-Ghaba Vol. 4, p. 23.

Hazrat Omar records that the Prophet said : "None of those bent on achieving distinctions had such advantages to their credit as Ali possessed. He guides his friends on to the straight path and saves them from getting lost." Riaz-un-Nazarah Vol. 2, p. 214.

"If all the seven planets," declared Hazrat Omar, "and all the seven heavens are put in one scale of the balance and the faith of Ali in the other, Ali's pan will turn the scales."

(1) Riaz-un-Nazarah Vol. 2, p. 226. (2) Izalat-ulKhifa Maqsad Vol. 2, p. 259 & p. 265.

Ibn-e-Abbas records :

"A mad woman was produced before Omar on the charge of having committed adultery. Omar ordered her to be stoned to death. Ali, passing that way, was informed that a woman belonging to such and such tribe was going to be stoned by the order of Omar. Learning that, Ali sent her back and came up to Omar demanding, 'Don't you know that three kinds of persons cannot be held responsible for any offence? You cannot punish one who has lost his reason until he is cured of madness ; no punishment can be meted out to one sleeping until he is wide awake; nor a child can he held responsible for a crime so long as he does not attain maturity'...At this, Omar ordered her release and recited Allah-o-Akbar."

(1) Sunan Abi Dawood Vol. 2, p. 227. (2) Musnad Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal Vol. 1, p. 154. (3) Istee'ab Vol. 2, p. 474. (4) Selections from Kanz-ul-Ummal p. 412. (5) Riaz-un-Nazarah Vol. 2, p. 194. & p. 196. (6) Izalat-ul-Khifa Maqsad 2, p. 268.

Abul Aswad relates :

"I called on Ali and found him lost in some deep thought, his head hanging on one side."

He said, 'In this town I've heard people speaking the language incorrectly. I should do a book on the grammar of it.' Three days after I paid him a visit again, and he put into my hands a booklet in which he had laid the foundations of the language on which was raised the structure of syntax and conjugation, and other parts of speech saying, 'here is the foundation on which you can build up the structure.'

Selections from Kanz-ul-Ummal p. 51.

 Anas Bin Malik, the companion of the Prophet relates :

"Some one sent a roast bird as an offering to the Prophet, and the Prophet prayed, '0 Allah ! Send that one to me whom Thou lovest the most to partake of the roast along with me.' (The prayer was answered) and Ali made an appearance to join the Prophet in the eating of the roast." (1) Jame's Tirmizee p. 461. (2) Khasais Nasaee p. 21. (3) Mustadrak Vol. 3, p. 131. (4) Selections from Kanz-ul-Ummal p. 53. (5) Riaz-un-Nazarah Vol. 2, p. 160. (6) Usd-ul-Ghaba Vol. 4, p. 30. (7) lzalat-ul-Khifa p. 262.

Ali records :

In his illness, the Prophet sent for me, saying, "Call my brother.' When I came near to him, he asked me to come nearer, as I went closer to him, he reclined against me and continued like that, holding conversation with me until some spittle fell from his mouth on me. Then he was in his last moments and died in my arms." (1) Selections from Kanz-ul-Ummal p. 115. (2) Tabaqat Ibn-e-Sad Vol. 2, Qism 2, p. 51.

Adapted from: "Ali, the Magnificent" by: "Yousuf N. Lalljee"

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