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Foster Charitable Nature in the Child

A poor widow went to someone's house for a small financial aid. She was known to the family; and that was not her first visit. However, on this occasion her small daughter was with her.

A child of the family slightly older than the visitor's daughter immediately collected his junk of toys and brought them forth to show to the other child and play them with her. She took great fancy in one particular piece of his toys. It was not in a good shape though and should have been thrown away long before. However, the child retrieved his toy from her hand as the widow stood up to leave with her.

The widow's daughter behaved normally as a small child who craves for toys and so did the other child who wants to cling to his.

However, the miserly possessiveness of the child in the family was normal only because the parents had failed to do what was normal on their part: -to teach him being charitable. He therefore would not let the toy go when asked for by anyone of his age or told to do so by the parents. He would however abandon it later with little interest in it -in this case, after the orphan had left.

Sadakaat (giving alms and charity) even under difficult circumstances is a sign of nobility of a family. It is also believed to be a good divine shield against impending calamities. It averts calamities by divine grace without one being aware that they" were imminent.

Adapted from the book: "Child" by: "Mohamed A. Khalfan"

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