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Fear in Children

Let us conclude the discussion by the comments on the following quotation from a good authority on the natural aspect of fear in the children:

"Another characteristic of the child's personality is the presence of many fears. These fears result from uncertainty combined with easy recourse to imagination. The imagination runs toward superlatives and when a child indulges in fantasy, things are either very attractive or very threatening."

We can ascribe a reason for this in the context of Islam; Imagination by the child or his fantasy is a phase of manifestation of his attempt at perceiving things which are and remain Unseen. The child's negative fear of the worst" because it is caused by his uncertain of an Unseen like ghost and spirit itself indicates one impor- tant thing, -the existence of the natural positive capacity also for "submission to the best", that is, his Creator, -in the realm of the Unseen -because it is derived from 'certainty' which is "Al lmaan bil Ghaib".

So let the child be a child under the dictates of a child's nature while he as a child gropes in the dark for light, that is, knowledge leading to faith and then conviction, which he attains one after the other regarding the Unseen later in his adult life.

Adapted from the book: "Child" by: "Mohamed A. Khalfan"

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