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Faith of Abbas (a.s.)

Faith was another major feature in the personality of al-Abbas. He was brought up in the laps of the true faith, centers of God-fearing, and faculties of obedience to God. His father; chief of the faithful and head of the pious, fed him with the essence of faith, and factuality of God's oneness. Hence, al-Abbas grew up on the cognizant faith and the true pondering over the secrets of creation. This giant, nonesuch faith interacted in the mentality of al-Abbas to change him into one of the great individuals of faith, piety, and sincerity. Out of his faith, al-Abbas offered his brothers, sons, and himself as pure sacrifices for the sake of God.

Bravely, al-Abbas fought for defending the religion of God and protecting the principles of Islam that were exposed to eradicative dangers during the reigns of the Umayyad ancestry. He aimed at nothing other than the satisfaction of God and the attainment of the eternal joy of the life to come.

Adopted from the book : "Al-Abbas"

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