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Courage of Abbas (a.s.)

Since it denotes the soundness and perseverance of personality, courage is regarded as the highest characteristic of manhood. Abu'l-Fadhl al-Abbas came into this characteristic from his father who was the ever most courageous. Al-Abbas's maternal uncles, too, were characterized by this feature among all the Arabs. He was a perfect world of valor; fear had never been on his mind during battles in which he participated with his father. 62

During the battle of at-Taff, al-Abbas gave the highest examples of heroism and courage. In fact, that battle is seen as the greatest conflict in the history of Islam. Facing the large gatherings of Yazid's army, al-Abbas manifested himself so bravely that he changed their courageous warriors into cowards and filled in the hearts of their troops with horror. Losing any means to face this great hero, they went on using deceptive ways-they promised they would give him the general commandment of their army if he would leave the camp of his brother, but al-Abbas put them down and their promise was no more than a factor that increased his perseverance on his principles and persistence on defending his beliefs.
Narrators have referred to the great casualties that Yazid's army suffered at the hands of al-Abbas ibn Ali who was, in the midst of that fighting, smiling. He did fill the fields of that battle with the bodies of their victims, did paint their horses with their blood, and did plant horror and terror in their hearts. His sword was a destroying thunderbolt that inflicted bereavement and fatality upon people of Kufa who were on the opposite party.

The courage of al-Abbas has astonished poets and authors who have gone on describing it in nonesuch styles, and given the best examples of heroism all over history. Since this courage was shown for defending the right and protecting the high values and principles of Islam, its significance has been increasing.


62. See al-Kibrit ul-Ahmar; 3/24.

Adopted from the book : "Al-Abbas"

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