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Facial Effects of Smoking

Long term smoking can have detrimental effect on your skin. This bad habit can play havoc with your skin. The negative effects that smoking brings about on the face are known as the smoker’s face a condition first described in 1985.This happens because smoking both dehydrates and deprives the skin of oxygen. Smoking thus totally damages the skin and makes you look old. Here we discuss about the ill effects that smoking inflicts upon one’s looks.

Effects of Smoking on Skin

Here are some of the effects that smoking has on your skin.

Smoking Makes You Old

The nicotine can add years to your skin. This happens because smoking cuts the production of collagen a valuable chemical that makes your skin glow young. As collagen supply gets reduced wrinkles form and the skin loses its elasticity. Also, the skin loses its color and gets a sagging pale look. Lines appear on the skin that radiate at right angles from the corner of eyes etc. Deep and shallow lines appear on the cheeks and lower jaw. The facial features take on a gauntly look and the underlying bony contours are visible.

Skin Nutrients Diminish

Too much of smoking, diminishes the amount of Vitamin C and A. Vitamin A is essential for skin repair and Vitamin C is an antioxidant which helps to absorb iron in blood. Thus, smokers often develop anemia.

The Eye Area

If you smoke too much very soon you will have developed dark circles around the eyes. These dark circles cannot be hidden by any high quality of concealment. This is due to the fact that the skin around the eyes is very thin and reactive to any change in blood circulation and nutrients. Therefore the dark circles appear. Also, the smoker develops crow’s feet around the eyes. The smokers tend to narrow their eyes due to smoke released and hence wrinkles form due to this exercise.

The Tooth Area

Smokers develop a yellowish teeth and lips which look extremely unattractive.

The Hair

Smoking has considerable effects on hair. Cigarettes contain chemicals that will make you hair look dull and less bouncy. Also, over time the hair starts to decrease.

The Lip Area

Smokers develop puckered mouth wrinkles. This is due to the fact that while smoking, smoker pucker their mouth and hence the lines due to continuous puckering. Also, smoking causes the lips to become dry and flaky.

Smoking Makes Skin Thin

A smoker’s skin is always thinner because of due to poor blood circulation. This is the reason why lines and wrinkles get more visible with time. This can be tested by an ultrasound technique. This can lead to skin cancers most commonly known as squamous cell, carcinoma. Though this type of cancer does not spread to other body parts but can create deep scarring when the cancer cells are removed as they reach deep into the skin’s layers.


Scarring is also more likely to occur in smokers than in non-smokers. This is so as healing at the skin surface is slower. Smoking interferes with blood flow thus it also affects the healing process in plastic surgery patients.

Though smoking may not have any life-threatening effects on the skin, there is no doubt about the fact that excessive smoking will change your appearance. That does not sound attractive at all as it will make you look older for life.

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