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Events of noon of the Tenth of Muharram

When Abu Thumamah al-Sa'di looked up at the hot sun, he realized it was noon, and said to the Imam, "O Imam! I think these people are not going to leave you alone, and I want to die for you before they reach you. But this is the time for prayer."

The Imam raised his head to the sky and said, "You remembered the prayer, and may God keep you among the people who pray. Yes, this is the time for prayer. Ask them if they will give us some time so we can pray."

The chief of the army replied, "Your prayer will not be accepted by God."

Habib Ibn Muzahir became angry and said, "The prayer of the People of the House of the Prophet will not be accepted, but yours will?" And he attacked. Habib swung, but missed. He hit the chief's horse instead and the chief fell. His people came and rescued him. Habib kept fighting and killed sixty-two soldiers before they wounded him with a spear. He fell down and his head was cut off. When the Imam saw this, he said, "To God, I will take the case."

After Habib, Hurr al-Riyahi went to fight. He went with Zuhayr and they made an agreement that if the enemy captured one of them, the other would help him. In the fight, Hurr's horse was wounded badly, so he left the horse and fought on foot, until he killed forty-one soldiers, then, he was surrounded by the enemy and killed.

The followers of Imam Husayn went and brought his body. Everyone who was killed was brought to the tent of the Imam and the Imam looked at them and asked for the mercy of God, saying, "A fight just like the fight of the Prophet and the children of the Prophet."

He looked at Hurr, cleaned the blood from his face and said, "You are Hurr (free) as your mother named you. You are free in this world and the hereafter."

Adapted from the book: "Karbala & Ashura" by: "Ali Hussain Jalali"

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