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Effects of Cigarette Smoking - Diseases

Cigarettes are responsible for about 25% of deaths from residential fires, causing nearly 1,000 fire-related deaths and 3,300 injuries each year.

Smoking and Weight Loss

Weight loss is the most talked over issue of the day. The health care people are trying to find out useful alternatives, towards weight loss along with important community. A research review reveals that smoking and weight loss can never go parallel.

A number of options have already come up with weight loss, as fast as possible. Some of solid truth about smoking and its co-related answer to the problem of obesity; have look over myths and reality about smoking in the next paragraph.

A statistical observation by US centers for disease control and prevention points out that women are quitting smoking more in numbers than that of men. Data connected by the centers put down the percentage of women smokers to 20% even below than that in 2003 the figures of women smokers was only 19.2% compared to male smokers at 24.1%.

Effects of Smoking – Women Fertility

The opinion holds that exposure of women to cigarette smoking may cause damage to her fertility. A study compiled about fertilization and embryo quality, divided into three groups.

The study reveals that there was clear proof of differences in the pregnancy rates per embryo transfer. It is around 48% with non-smokers, 19% around the smokers and 20% with the others.

Other Effects of Smoking

Practically there is no relationship between smoking and impotency. As of now it has been found that cigarette smoking attracts countless deadly disease like lung cancer, heart disease emphysema, erectile dysfunction etc.

The ill effects of smoking can affect the digestive system and may be the cause of human impotence. To generalize the quit smoking facts will not lessen the impotence. By quitting smoking a men who have erection problem may try to create some improvement.

But according to doctors, a spot cannot be restored after quitting smoking, once the spot is damaged. Since everybody is different it may improve or even may not improve. The whole world knows about Viagra for erection. For some owe it may not work, especially to heart patients Viagra strictly forbidden.

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