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Negligence of the Moralities

Modern education has not been based upon the principals of teachings and ethics. Most of the teaching media has paid no attention to this matter. An educationist says, “Teachers do not engage themselves in treating the pollution that affect the children. They think only of scholastic tests and success.

Moralities are totally neglected, none thinks of rectifying the ethical faults.”. The outcome of this neglect has been the moral anarchy that is situated in the youth’s spirits. Owing to miseducation and ignorance, some began to regard such looseness as a good behavior. Harris Man the educationist says, “The real education is neglected since schools, unfortunately, care only for stuffing the memories. Teachers are interested in the abundance of news and chat. Speaking a lot has never been a sort of education or teaching. The teachers’ tasks are not addressing information only. The actual tasks of teachers are the real multi-sided education. Teachers ought to be educators; they should join education to teaching.”.
The teaching has failed to establish generations that are conscious, developing, believing in the national goals, and working positively for the good of mankind and homeland. An educationist says, “It is not a sort of exaggeration to say that the teaching has failed in composing mature personalities that are marked by an intellectual and mental equanimity and capable of enjoying a free life of kind humanitarian bonds. The reason is very evident. It is that the teaching has not taken in consideration the relations between schools and societies. The managers of teaching pretend to forget the fact that the responsibility of schools is preparing the youth through the experts, learning of the social life, and associating in the societies that are ruled by independence and cooperation. These two matters are surely the qualities that are most essential for modern being. Scholastic authorities tend to pour information in the pupils’ minds rather than composing their moralities. This gives triumph to the non-educational innovation.”.

Mr. Lehman criticizes the American education. He stresses that it does not create a culture, a common set of principals, or an ethical and mental disciplining..

Failure is the inevitable fate of any teaching process that disdains the moral structure and the mental disciplining. Successful teaching is exclusively that which proposes the mental reformation and the sensible amendment. Aristotle says, “There is no instructed lesson or acquired habit more meaningful than true judgment and jubilating over noble traits and estimable deeds.”.

The negligence of morals and the unconcern of behaviors lead to many disadvantages such as the prevalence of arrogance, rashness, looseness, and concern. among students.

Adapted from the book: "The Educational System in Islam" by: "Baqir Sharif Al-Qireshi"

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