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Drinking mineral water can prevent Alzheimer's

Silicon-rich mineral water can prevent cognitive decline in people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, a new study shows.

British researchers suggest that drinking silicon-rich mineral water can reduce the levels of neurotoxin aluminum in the body, which is linked to dementia.

Study revealed that the majority of patients who consumed at least one liter of mineral water every day for 13 weeks showed no further signs of cognitive decline; improved mental health condition was also noted in some patients.

Aluminum levels has long been linked with Alzheimer’s-related mental damage; such a relationship, however, has never been approved scientifically.

“When you drink silicon-rich mineral water, aluminum throughout the body is gathered up into the blood and then excreted through the urine,” said Professor Christopher Exley, of Keele University, who led the research.

“The most interesting thing was that we did see this potential relationship between the removal of aluminum and the positive improvement in cognitive function”, Exley said.

Considering the fact that aluminum levels was reduced by as high as 70 percent in some patients, scientists believe the results bring hope to those struggling with the devastating disease.

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