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Connecting the Child with Good Model

The child in the later years of this stage tries to likening himself with people that are more vital and efficient in the community. The psychologist named the imitation notion as quick and sudden likening which vanished when the effect elapse. This is like these present-days likening. The slowly likening is Named as adaptation 267 that becomes intense in the intellect and emotion. Among its substantiation is imitation and emulation. High model from personality is the cause of likening. The youth do honor and dignify the reputable and ideal people, (They are the ones the general youth emulates) 268.

The child most liken themselves with those that possess authority over people, among them are kings, Rulers, the victorious and prosperous ones in life and all those that has influence on people like teachers and religious scholars. That is why you see some psychologist need to shaped high model before the people 269 (it is an important need). High model is the view of the psychologist differs in different people and change due to the change in material, psychological and societal atmosphere. They consider high model embodied in a spiritual fundamental and desired ambition in life.

High level of this concept is very necessary to every people especially child in the later years of this stage but if high model did not transfer from concept to substantiation and embody in person, this high model then will remain limited to imaginations. The child then is in need of likening and emulation with what is perceptible in a real objectivity. The best that was embodied with high model is the highest exemplar for human personality.

Emulating the past ones is (more than emulating those in higher status) 270.

From this point of view the prevailing necessity to emulate is that of the past Righteous ones, they are the Prophets, the Imam from the Ahlulbait, the Righteous ones among the companions and the followers and the Righteous ones among the Religious scholars. They are top in virtues, honor and magnanimous in status.

Among the factors that assist in likening and emulating them is their spiritual effect on different categories of people that glorified and sanctified them.

The life of the Righteous ones is full of fundamentals and honor which people need to cling with it. Emulating is what makes the child a great human being base on whom he is emulating. If emulation is lost the life fire brand frost and weakens the ambition and perverted from his path, he join and emulates the margins among ordinary people.

It is then compulsory for the parents to focus the sight of their children's thought, emotion and stance towards exemplary personalities commencing from Adam down to the present day great personalities. Every Prophet or Imam from the rightly guided Imams has history full of honor, fundamentals and prevailing stand in life. Good model has effect and a honorable stands in all angles of life and emulating it reflect its effect in part

of the child's personality like the emotion, the mental and the conduct, it then let person reach high position that the Righteous ones reached. (The emulate ones).


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Adapted from the book: "The Child's Education in Islam" by: "Ismail Abdullah"

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