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Coconut Oil for Beautiful Skin and Hair (Part 1)

Coconut oil is natural and highly beneficial oil for healthy, youthful, disease-free skin and hair. When coconut oil is applied topically or taken internally, it helps to keep the skin soft and smooth and gives hair a beautiful shine, whilst at the same time reducing the effects of aging and preventing infections from entering the skin.

Unlike conventional lotions and body care products, coconut oil is a natural product and is therefore free from harsh, potentially toxic chemicals and other additives.

Protects the Skin

The chemical structure of coconut oil consists of medium-chain fatty acids, which are small molecules, making it easily absorbed into the skin and hair.

The skin consists of an outer protective layer that acts as a barrier, stopping harmful organisms from penetrating the skin. This is oil called sebum, and is very important to skin health. Like coconut oil, it contains medium-chain fatty acids, and helps to lubricate the skin and hair, and prevent fungal and bacterial infections from entering the body.

This protective layer can be washed away by bathing or through broken skin. Applying coconut oil to the skin quickly re-establishes this natural chemical barrier, by increasing the number of antimicrobial fatty acids on the skin and therefore protecting it from infection.


Oils have a visible effect on all tissues of the body, especially connective tissues. These tissues are found in the skin, muscles, bones, nerves and internal organs, and support the framework for all body tissues, holding everything together. These give skin strength and elasticity. As the skin ages however, these tissues are attacked by free radicals, which cause it to sag and wrinkle.

The only way to fight this free radical damage is with antioxidants, therefore it is essential to have plenty of antioxidants in our cells and tissues to protect them. The number of antioxidants in our tissues is largely determined by the nutrients in our diet. However, coconut oil has also been found to be the ideal lotion for protecting it against damage, promoting healing and giving it a healthy, soft, youthful appearance.


Pure coconut oil is an excellent natural skin moisturizer. It prevents free radical formation and the damage it causes. It helps prevent the skin from developing blemishes causes by aging and other factors. It is absorbed into the skin and keeps connective tissue strong and supple so that skin doesn’t age prematurely.

This wonderful oil also makes an ideal ointment for the relief of dry, rough and flaky skin. It helps to remove the layer of dead skin cells on the outer surface of the skin, leaving it smoother, evenly textured and moisturized.

Healing and Repair

Coconut oil has been found to help stimulate healing and repair. Some of its reported health benefits for skin include helping with:

• Inflammatory conditions like psoriasis

• Acne

• Fungal infections like athlete’s foot

• Sunburn

• Healing cuts, bruises and sprains, and reducing scarring

• Insect bites

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