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Character of Imam al-Jawad (a.s.)

We all love children! How many of us however, would entrust them with the safety and security of our lives?

Imam Muhammad Taqi (A.S.) proclaimed his Imamat at the tender age of nine. Even the most genuine followers of Imam Reza (A.S.) found it hard to accept him.

Imam Taqi (A.S.) needed to conduct himself in an exceptional way to convince even the most sympathetic followers that, indeed, he was their spiritual leader and the representative of Allah on earth. He did this through the excellence of his character.

The greatest strength of Imam's personality was his intelligence. Not only was he the most knowledgeable person of his times, but his knowledge was also supported by three other qualities:

Ability to think very fast and give immediate answers; Excellent speaking manners that would charm even his most avowed enemies; and Ability to explain difficult ideas in a simple language using common examples.

To see how these qualities in the Imam (A.S.) worked, consider again his question-answer session in Mamoon's court with Kazi Yahya Bin Aksam.

Notice how politely but firmly did he deal with both Mamoon and Kazi Yahya despite their age and position. As a matter of fact, his charm, his confidence and his courage melted the hard hearts of his enemies, the Bani Abbas, like heat melts butter. They all accepted his supremacy in knowledge and wisdom, despite their prejudices.

Over and above his intelligence, our ninth Imam (A.S.) had other excellent qualities which are described in the following lines.

Adapted from the book: "Biography Of Imam Muhammad Bin Ali (A.S.) - Al-Taqi" by: "M. Dungersi Ph.D"

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