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Assaulting Children

Adapted from: ""Marriage, A Gift for the Youth" by: "Sajid Ali"

Recent psychological studies have proved that beating the children to inculcate some habit in them will not only make them obstinate and rigid in their approach but it will also hamper their overall development. Islam, right from the beginning has prohibited it's followers from physical assault on their children. Apart from the traditions which are found in this regard we see that this topic has been among the discussions of our jurisprudents who have issued edicts and formulated guidelines. For instance, according to many Mujtahids, if anyone slaps his children and they get a mark on their cheeks, then the parents have to pay a hefty amount of compensation for this undesired deed.

Allama Majlisi in Biharul Anwar narrates a tradition, “A person came to Imam ar-Ridha’ (as) and complained regarding his son. Imam (as) replied, do not beat him, only stop talking to him and that too should not be for a long time.” From the above stated tradition we observe that Imam (as) has prohibited his followers from assaulting the children and if anybody does so he will be disobeying the commands of the Ahlul Bayt (as).

According to the Holy Prophet (S) a child enjoys three rights over his father:-

(1) He must select a good name for his child,

(2) Educate him,

(3) When he matures, the father should make provisions for his marriage.

The same idea has been voiced by our sixth Imam, Imam as-Sadiq (as) when he said, “Select good names for your self, because you will be called on the day of judgement by these names.”

The Eighth Imam, Ali ibn Moosa ar-Ridha’ (as) says, “Poverty shall never enter that house whose inhabitants bear the names of Muhammad, Ahmad, Ali, Hasan, Husein, Talib, Jaffar or Abdullah (among men) and Fatimah among the women.” [Anwarun No'maniyah].


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