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Aspirin protects against cancer various types

New study demonstrates that regular consumption of aspirin can cut the risk of cancer of any type and may offer protection even after just a few years.

The researchers of the American Cancer Society in Atlanta have unraveled that the people over 60s who used aspirin every day were less likely to die from different types of cancer by up to 40 percent.

The team observed more than 100,000 healthy men and women who regularly consumed aspirin for some years.

The result revealed that they were two-fifths less likely to develop and die from stomach, esophageal or colorectal cancer in the following decade. They also had a 12 percent lower risk of dying from other cancers.

Scientists had earlier suggested the benefits of aspirin in lowering the cancer risks, but the new study adds to the evidence in favor of taking the drug as a protective measure.

“The drug appears to slow the spread of cancer around the body by preventing cancer cells from sticking to blood platelets,” according to the latest study, led by cancer scientist Eric Jacobs published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

“Although recent evidence about aspirin use and cancer is encouraging, it is still premature to recommend people start taking aspirin specifically to prevent cancer. Even low-dose aspirin can substantially increase the risk of serious gastrointestinal bleeding," said Jacobs.

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