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Artificial Means of Procreation

2897. It is not permissible to inject the semen of a stranger into the womb of a woman, and it makes no difference whether this is done by her husband or someone else. A child born in this way will also be treated as the offspring of the man whose semen was injected into the womb of the woman and all orders regarding pedigree and inheritance which apply to that man's other children will also apply to this child. A child who is deprived of inheritance is the one who is born as a result of adultery, but here the matter is different. Although the method of such procreation is unlawful, the woman will. be treated to be the mother of the child and all orders regarding motherhood will apply to her. There will be no difference between that child and her other children. Similarly if a woman makes the semen of her husband reach the womb of another woman by some means (for example by means of clitorism) (Musahiqa) and that woman becomes pregnant the father of the child will be the man whose semen was utilized. All orders applicable to a mother and a child will also apply to such mother and child.

2898. If the semen of a man is placed in an artificial womb (called baby tube) the action is permissible and apparently the father of the child will be the person whose semen it was and all orders applicable to a father and a child will be applicable to them. The difference between such a child and other children is that such a child does not have a mother.

2899. Making the semen of a husband reach the womb of his wife artificially is permissible and the child thus born is like all other children. However, if the person who injects the semen is a stranger and the injection involves seeing or touching the private parts of the woman, the action is not permissible.

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