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Rules of Lottery Tickets

At times a company sells tickets and undertakes to give prizes to the buyers by means of drawing lots. The orders with regard to such tickets are as follows:

2913. If a person purchases such a ticket on the assumption that he will get the prize, it is undoubtedly unlawful to purchase the ticket. And if one gets a prize as a consequence of this unlawful act and the company concerned belongs to the government, the prize will be treated to be derelict property. and it is not permissible to appropriate it without the permission of the mujtahid or his representative. In case, however, the company belongs to the public and it is agreeable to award the prize, it is permissible to appropriate the prize (without the permission of the mujtahid). And if one who purchases the ticket gives the money gratis e.g. if his intention is to participate in a charitable deed and not to get the prize and the prize is given by a company belonging to government it can be appropriated with the permission of the mujtahid or his representative, and if the company is a private one, such a permission is not necessary. In case, however, a person purchasing a ticket pays the price of the ticket with the intention of advancing loan, and he her a right to get his money back after the drawing of the lots, but the loan is subject to the condition that he should also purchase a ticket from the company to participate in the draw, and as a result of the draw he wins a prize on that ticket, the transaction is unlawful, because it amounts to interest bearing loan.

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