Rafed English

Ammar bin Yasir

Adopted from the book : "Maytham al-Tammar" by : "Kamal al-Seyyed"

The people in Makkah lived in ignorance and darkness. The strong persecuted the weak and deprived them of their rights. No one supported the weak.

The Quraishi leaders were traders. Each year, they had two trade journeys.

In summer, their caravans went to Shaam. In winter they went to Yemen.

The people in Makkah were of two classes: one class was rich, the other was poor. The rich persecuted the poor. Some poor people were slaves. They had nothing, not even their freedom.

Our Master Muhammad [s] lived in that time. He went to Mount Hira. There he thought of his people. He felt pain for them because they worshipped idols.

Our Master Muhammad [s] became forty years old.

One day, Jibreel came down from the sky. He told Muhammad [s] about Islam.

Our Master Muhammad [s] came down the mountain. He was carrying the Mission of Islam. He intended to spread it among people to live peacefully.

The poor and the persecuted listened to the Mission of Islam. They believed in it. So their hearts were filled with love for Islam.

The traders and the rich of Quraish heard about Islam. Thus, they had spite against our Master Muhammad [s]. in the meantime, they plotted against Islam and the Muslims.

Abu Jahal was the most spiteful polytheist. He mistreated our Master Muhammad [s] very much.

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