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Ali's superiority recognised by the Holy Prophet

The Holy Prophet recognised the superiority of Ali in many of his sayings. The most important of them are :

1. "Ali would appear to the dwellers of paradise as a morning star."

(Sawai'q Muhari'qa)


2. Addressing his daughter, Fatima, the Holy Prophet said, "O thou daughter of mine! Of all the creatures in this world, God has selected two persons, one of them is your father and the other is your husband."


3. "Whosoever wants to make his life and death like that of mine and is desirous of entering heaven, it behoves him to befriend Ali because he would neither let his friends be ejected from paradise nor allow them to enter there in ignorance."


4. Addressing his companion. Omar, the Holy Prophet said, "O thou Omar ! Should you behold that Ali is on one side and the rest of the world on the other, surely it will be incumbent on you that you should follow Ali because he would never lead any one to the path of destruction and will never relinquish the path of right."

(Jamia-ul-Saghir Sayuti)

5. The Holy Prophet in one of his Khutbas said, "God has so much exalted my brother Ali that his numerous virtues could not be counted easily : whosoever from amongst you narrated one of his excellences, God will forgive his past and future sins; and whosoever will record one of his excellences, the angels will bless him as long as his writing remains; whosoever will read about his virtues with eyes, the sins of the eye will be forgiven to him. Beware ! That man is not steadfast in faith who does not love Ali and does not shun his enemies."

Adapted from: "Ali, the Magnificent" by: "Yousuf N. Lalljee"

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