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Abstinence During Ihram

Upon making Ihram, several things are forbidden for the pilgrim:

1. Hunting land animals, or helping others to hunt, slaughter or eat them, with the exception of harmful animal (such as snakes scorpions...etc.).

2. Sexual intercourse, kissing, looking or touching with desire.

3. Masturbation.

4. Marriage for himself, for others, or being witness for others in their marriage.

5. Smelling aromas.

6. The application of antimony to the eyes, as an adornment.

7. Anointing the body.

8. Looking at a mirror for the sake of beautifying oneself, wearing a ring as an ornament. It is forbidden for women to wear jewelry as adornment (but she can have what she ordinarily wears with the stipulation that she does not display it to anyone, even the male relatives who are mahram, (marriage is forbidden).

9. Wearing sewn clothes (for men).

10. Wearing footwear that covers the upper part of the foot, forbidden (for men).

11. Telling lies, cursing.

12. Swearing to emphasize an argument, by saying "By Allah..

13. Killing insects that usually live on the human body, like fleas.

14. Shaving, or plucking hair from the body.

15. Drawing blood from the body, extracting teeth, cutting the nails.

16. Walking or traveling under moving shade, forbidden (for men).

17. Covering the head forbidden (for men).

18. Covering the face forbidden (for women).

19. Preventing oneself from smelling unpleasant smells.

20. Cutting (unearthing) or uprooting trees, plants or grasses that grow in the haram (sanctuary).

21. Carrying weapons.


Should the pilgrim while in Ihram disobey and do what is forbidden (with the exception of few of them), he has to pay expiation as per the case. For further details, please refer to the books of jurisprudence, or consult a religious authority to understand the judgment specified for individual cases.

Adapted from the Book: "The Hajj as Worship and Education" by: "Al-Balagh Foundation"

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