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Abbas (a.s.) during the Reign of Imam al-Hasan (a.s.)

After his father, Imam al-Hasan held the position of the leadership of the Islamic State. All the political and social circumstances were not stable. The great majority of the military commanders, including the general commander, showed loyalty to Muawiya who seduced them by means of precious bribes. The false idea of the Khawarij, too, worked as a destructive factor that ruined the building of the Imam's wing. As a result, many attempts of assassination, though unsuccessful, were made against the Imam. Finally, some hypocrites accused him of infidelity.

All these ordeals encouraged Muawiya to declare war against the Imam. Thus, Muawiya gathered his powerful army and directed towards Iraq.

Accompanied by a few divisions of his army, Imam al-Hasan directed towards al-Madaain where he resided. Peace treaty with Muawiya was the only solution that would save the Imam's soul and save Muslims from disunity and apostasy. Thus, Imam al-Hasan had to sign a peace treaty with Muawiya.
After that peace treaty, Imam al-Hasan, along with his household and brothers including al-Abbas, left Kufa to Medina. He resided there and began spreading his knowledges among seekers of studies and conferring upon the needy and the poor with his abundant generosity. By the presence of Imam al-Hasan, Medina regained its leading position as the spiritual capital of the Islamic world.

The bitter trials that Imam al-Hasan encountered opened the eyes of al-Abbas on new facts regarding the nature of both the society and the ruling authorities.

Adopted from the book : "Al-Abbas"

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