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Abbas and the Revolution of Imam al-Hussein (a.s.)

Abu'l-Fadhl al-Abbas attended all the chapters of the great revolution of his brother-the giant revolution that changed the course of history, shook the whole world, freed the Muslim individuals, and provoked the Muslim publics to stand against the wrong authorities and antagonize every item of despotism and oppression. Indeed, it has been one of the most important revolutions of humanity.

Al-Abbas contributed in this revolution so positively and effectively as he understood all the goals and believed in the necessity of applying them to humanity in general and the Muslim society in particular. He was one of the most important characters of the march of that revolution. He supported his brother, believed in his movements, and trusted his standards. Since the Imam left Medina, al-Abbas did not leave him for even a single moment. Hence, you can find the ghost of al-Abbas attending every item of Imam al-Hussein's march until he lost his life for the sake of that great uprising.

Let us now refer to some chapters of Imam al-Hussein's revolution.

Adopted from the book : "Al-Abbas"

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