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Children’s Jealousy

The Hazards  Some parents think that jealousy in children is normal and children will grow out of it. This mentality is wrong and even dangerous because it will lead up to them acting wrongly with the child or children during their moments of envy. An example of the many hazards of jealousy can be found in the story of prophet Youssef (a.s) as stated in the holy Quran.

Allah (swt) stated “Certainly were there in Joseph and his brothers signs for those who ask. When they said, "Joseph and his brother are more beloved to our father than we, while we are a clan. Indeed, our father is in clear error. Kill Joseph or cast him out to [another] land; the countenance of your father will [then] be only for you, and you will be after that a righteous people." Said a speaker among them, "Do not kill Joseph but throw him into the bottom of the well; some travelers will pick him up - if you would do [something]."”(1)
When reflecting on the verse it is understandable that the jealousy that was available in the brothers of Youssef drove them to throw him into a well, and even to think about killing Youssef, and they would have done it if the speaker among them had not turned off this fire. 
Jealousy affects three groups of people negatively:
1- The jealous themselves, since jealousy is a door for mental illnesses that are highly irritating for the person who is jealous, in a way that Imam Ali (a.s) stated, “The ill-wisher’s soul is tormented”(2). Usually when children get jealous of someone, they spite them, which leads up to them tormenting their soul wanting to fulfil their wicked desire.
2- The family, as jealousy brings envy and envy brings hatred which is the cause of many problems. Imam Ali (a.s), stated “Envy brings disaster.”(3)
3- The society, since if this child does not fulfil their desire of envy on the person they envy, they will take it out on other kids which could harm them and cause hatred between parents.

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